The Most Common Smartphone Mistakes You Want to Avoid at All Costs

The Most Common Smartphone Mistakes You Want to Avoid at All Costs
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Smartphones are everywhere these days. Whether you’re financing flagship devices like the latest iPhones and Samsungs or opting for mid-range phones, we love our miniature mobile computers.

So, why do so many of us keep making the same smartphone mistakes? You may think that you’re a better smartphone user than most, but trust us, you’ve made at least one of these errors before. These are the most common mistakes that both those with a new smartphone and those who know how to use them make:

Not Locking the Device

With how many of us use our phones to check bank and credit card information, a stunning amount of us forget to lock the device. This is a horrible security risk for many obvious reasons. And frankly, it’s inexcusable when many smartphones prompt you to set up device locking when you purchase the phone.

You can lock the device using a PIN number, passcode, swipe pattern, your fingerprint, or your face. With so many ways to keep your phone’s valuable information secure, there’s no reason not to set a lock on the device.

Neglecting Device Updates

Hey, we get it. Device updates always seem to come at inconvenient times. However, one of the worst smartphone mistakes you can make is to neglect to update your device when it prompts you.

Many of the apps we download update along with the phone’s operating system. So, if you don’t update your device along with your applications, you may find them breaking.

What makes those updates even more crucial is that many of them contain security patches. So many people face identity theft these days. Leaving your device without these updates means that you’re exposed to that risk more than many others.

Forgetting to Turn the Phone Off

No, we don’t mean reducing your screentime. Though that, in and of itself, can benefit your health.

We mean physically turning your phone off. The average smartphone user turns their phone into an alarm, a stopwatch, a message board, and many other devices that were once separate. As such, they tend to keep them on at all hours of the day, all through the week.

Phones, like any other device, can overheat or start to experience bugs when left running for too long. So, the next time you wonder why your phone is glitching out, try turning it off for a while before turning it back on again.

Buying Off-Brand Chargers

Picture this: You just got a new smartphone, and within a week, your cat has chewed through the brand-name charge cord. Frustrated, you turn to Amazon or your local drug store for a quick solution and find several cords designed to work with your device.

A few weeks or months later, you notice that your battery can barely hold a charge anymore. We hate to say it, but this is because of the charge cord that you bought.

Cheap chargers can actually damage the battery of your phone, weakening its lifespan and forcing you to keep your device plugged in. It may seem expensive, but it’s worth it to get the actual brand of charger that goes with your phone.

Not Buying a Case and Screen Protector

So, you’ve walked out of the store with the best smartphone of the year. It was an investment, but you’re proud of your $1000 device. You can’t wait to fiddle with all of its new features when you get home.

You trip over a crack in the asphalt. The phone flies from your hand, and with a soul-shattering crunch, you see the screen shatter into a million pieces.

All of this could have been avoided if you just bought a case and a screen protector. There’s no denying that a solid case like those from can save your phone and your wallet.

Not Vetting the Apps You Download

You can find an app for any need you can possibly imagine these days. From gaming to fitness to finance, there’s no end to the options. However, app stores can be something of a Wild West, and many malware Trojan apps slip in through the cracks.

Don’t mindlessly click ads on websites or apps to download more apps. Don’t grab the first app you see that suits your needs. Make sure that you vet each of the apps you download through their reviews, download counts, and other reputable statistics.

Remember, if your gut tells you the app is too good to be true, it probably is.

Buying More Phone Than You Need

One of the most common smartphone mistakes of the modern era is buying way more phone than you actually need. No one can deny the quality of flagship devices like iPhones or Samsung Galaxies. However, not every smartphone user should have one of these devices.

For some, navigating Apple or Samsung’s UI can prove unintuitive. For others, the sheer amount of customization options is overwhelming. For older consumers, even reading the screen can prove challenging.

Worst of all, people are paying for leases on phones they only use to call others. There’s no need for that. You can pare down on extra functions if you don’t use your phone that much.

Want to Learn How to Avoid More Common Smartphone Mistakes?

We hope that you found this guide to the most common smartphone mistakes helpful. Remember, follow your common sense, keep your devices secure, and protect them from damage at all costs.

If you’d like to learn more about the types of smartphones available to you, or which is the best smartphone for your needs, then check out the Technology section of our blog. We update each day with more guides like this one!