A Complete Guide: How To Clean Eyelash Extensions?

A Complete Guide: How To Clean Eyelash Extensions?
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Last Updated on November 7, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Lash extensions are a modern wonder and a blessing for women in today’s time. A simple artificial item has paved the way to look glamorous effortlessly. Eyelash extensions can completely transform your beauty routine and help you look stunning and “all glammed up” without doing anything extra lash cleanser.

While using eyelash extensions is convenient, and they help simplify your beauty routines, there is a very common question that a lot of women ask about eyelash extensions, and that is: 

“How do I clean my eyelash extensions?” 

Cleaning eyelash extensions is simpler than ever, with top-quality cleaning products available in the market right now! A good-quality lash cleanser can help you effortlessly clean eyelash extensions without any complications. 

Cleaning Eyelash Extensions: It Helps

Cleaning eyelash extensions help. It is crucial, and cleaning them is truly worth the work. To begin with, cleaning eyelash extensions can help them last longer. More importantly, clean eyelash extensions can help you avoid eye health issues. 

How And When To Clean Eyelash Extensions? 

While there are many advantages of cleaning eyelash extensions, indeed, they are not easy to clean. The lash lines generally have a design that traps dirt, makeup, oil, and even dead skin. This may lead to the growth of bacteria as well. Also, eyelash dirt and dust are not visible with plain eyes, making them more challenging to clean. 

This is why you need the right lash cleanser and the knowledge of the proper techniques for cleaning eyelash extensions. 

Here’s a complete guide to effective eyelash cleaning. 


The frequency of cleaning lash extensions depends on a variety of factors. For instance, people who have oily eyelids must clean their extensions daily. This is also true for people who use eye makeup wearers. Cleaning them twice or thrice a week is good enough for other people. 

Lash extensions will have to be cleaned after physical activities like swimming or gym sessions. 


Cleaning must always be done after the lash extensions are wholly cured after their first 48-hours. Here are a few steps to follow: 

  • Remove your eye makeup first. You can do this by using oil-free removers. 
  • Then, remove the foundation. Any cleanser without any oil content would be suitable. 
  • Then wet the lashes with water.
  • Then, with the help of a cleansing brush, apply a tiny amount of lash cleanser on the lashes. 
  • Rinse it off with water.
  • Pat the lashes dry with a lint-free towel. 

Final Thoughts 

That brings us to the end of this guide, and with these steps in mind, you can get your eyelash extensions perfectly cleaned without any complications. Along with that, you also need to make sure that you are buying good-quality lashes and other lash supplies. 

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