How to Cover the Complete CAT Syllabus in Three Months

How to Cover the Complete CAT Syllabus in Three Months

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Since the CAT 2021 test is only three months away, now is the time for candidates to organize their studies to maximize their preparation. Students are looking for online and offline help to make the most of the next three months.

In the last three months, a candidate must verify if they have finished the entire CAT 2021 preparation curriculum. This is the time to brush up on the topics, and examine your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on the following points to revise the whole syllabus at this time:

The exam pattern

The applicants must have good knowledge of the pattern and marking methodology of the CAT 2021. This should be the first step while preparing for any examination. Understanding the examination pattern requires paying attention to the parts covered and the weightage of the questions.


The test preparation needs much work and effort. Since three months aren’t enough for a thorough preparation of the CAT from scratch, applicants must remain focused and avoid wasting time on unnecessary things. They must also plan and stick to it.

Analyze yourself

The candidate should do a SWOT analysis to know how they need to prepare further, based on their strengths and weaknesses. Online test series CAT 2021 preparation mock tests assist you in discovering your strong and weak areas.

Make a plan

Aspirants can divide their preparation into different phases for better results. For example, in a three-month period, one can devote the first month to completing the entire syllabus (revision) and the second month to taking the full and sectional mock tests as well as online test series from various coaching institutions. The following month can be used to evaluate the CAT 2021 preparation.

 You can follow this timeline to score well in CAT 2021:

Month 1  Day (1 – 10) Quantitative Aptitude  Day (10 – 20) Verbal Ability  Day (20 – 30) Logical Reasoning   
Month 2    Day (1 – 8) Quantitative Aptitude  Day (8 – 15) Data InterpretationDay (15 -20) Verbal Ability    Day (20 – 30) Logical Reasoning
Month 3Day (1-30) Memorize important formulae   Revise QA, DILR and, VA according to the syllabus   Attempt mock test every two days   Focusing on improving scores in each test   Revise all the content     

For each topic, candidates in their first and last month of preparation should apply several questions based on diverse patterns and abstain from repeatedly rehearsing the same question. It adds value to your training and makes you more knowledgeable in less time when you practice various sorts of queries.

You need to dedicate sufficient time to the mock tests. The mock exams, whether sectional or full-fledged, build speed and precision. Mock tests can also assist in building large calculation sections, shortcuts, and techniques, such as quantitative ability. These are critical components of the preparation.

Specify the long- and short-term objectives you wish to attain. Break them into bits and work with drive and dedication. This is a lesson for life, and not only for the admission test. The CAT evaluates potential managers’ overall capabilities. CAT is not the type of test to be performed and forgotten.

The examination tests time management and critical reasoning: how well you are with figures and words and how rationally you decide in the least amount of time. CAT 2021 preparation is to maintain our minds and focus on the objective.

Hopefully, this helps you plan the last leg of your CAT preparation.

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