Dadvice Tips You Missed on Home Improvement That Could Save You Money

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Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

We all like to crack some dad jokes on our old guns. Dad jokes aside, dadvice or dad advice still comes to save the day on more occasions that we can count. Especially, when it comes to saving money on home improvement tips, you simply cannot beat dadvice. Also, many of us keep ignoring dadvice and end up spending way too much that we’d had to if we listened.

From maintaining different parts and features of your home to keeping everything in order, dadvice can come handy. Crack your dad jokes as much as you want but all those years of experience and learning don’t count for nothing.

Fix Your Water Leaks in the House

How many times have you had dad complaining about leaky faucets and toilets in your home? If by any chance, any of your faucets and hoses are leaking and you have the old man around, he’d definitely be complaining. We can tell from experience. If you are anything like us, dadvice coming from your old man would also tell how to fix minor leaks yourself.

Fixing most water leaks in bathrooms and kitchens are not a big deal. Get the helping hand from your old man and crack some dad jokes while you are at it. That is, if the old man doesn’t mind. Use dadvice efficiently and get rid of that water leak in your home to save money.

Change Air Conditioning Filters If Needed

Air conditioning filters normally last about 3 months before they need replacing. For homes in areas where pollen count is higher or hairy pets live inside, this time can be shorter. If you get any dadvice regarding your air filters, don’t ignore it. Usually, it only takes a couple of minutes to slide out the air filters. Check them all around. Change them if needed.

A $10 filter swap now can save more than $1000 later on. Too dirty filters can result in some dust entering the air conditioning unit and damaging the system. About those dad jokes, crack some funny ones that aren’t obtrusive for the old man while you are at it.

Check Your Ceiling Fans for Rotation – Its Important

Most of us don’t realize how much of an effect ceiling fan rotation can have on energy bills. Yet, you can save a lot of energy bills money with the right rotation for the right season. Fan blades spinning in the wrong direction can cause heating or cooking systems to be come less efficient. Clockwise turning in the winter helps push down warm air. Anticlockwise rotation in summer helps circulate cool air.

Dads often know this. This is why you get dadvice to get home improvement tips regarding the issue. Look for a switch near the base of your ceiling fan. Most modern fans have this switch that controls the rotation of fan blades. Use right spinning direction for the right season getting maximum value for your heating or cooling systems. Even if your fan is missing a rotation switch, replace it for long-term benefits.

Window maintenance by applying home improvement tips

Windows are biggest energy loss contributors for many homes. If your window coverings are not right, you could have unwanted outside temperature running in. Also, leaky windows can make all the heat or cool generated indoors to escape out. With high-quality windows, you also need the right window covering treatments. Even layer up on your window treatments in order to get the right insulation.

Wood window blinds with perfect fit finishes often work great for insulating window coverings. You can also apply a layer of curtains over them in order to make your home more energy efficient. Use dadvice intelligently and stop windows from leaking anything in or out. This can save you lots of money in energy bills for the long run.

Choose the Right Window Treatments

Depending on where you live and climate concerns of the region, different window treatments will suit different houses. To make your energy system more efficient, you need to make windows more insulating. Also, making use of natural elements when they are favorable is important for energy efficiency. Roller window blinds provide great usability on windows of all sizes, styles and types.

These can be rolled up on windows to allow for sunlight and its warmth to heat up rooms during winter. During the night, you can shut these down insulating your rooms from the outside. Additional shutters may be needed in colder parts of the world. Sunlight in a room can raise the temperature by about 10 degrees for better or worse. Make the right use of your dadvice for windows to maximize efficiency.

Use Indoor or Outdoor Shades in Summer

Dadvice almost always includes using lesser man-made energy and making use of what nature provides more. Most of us also like to crack dad jokes about this phenomenon as well. However, shading up your home in summer can reduce air conditioning costs by a lot. You can save tons of money with controlled sunlight entering your rooms. Shading up can lower temperature by up to 10 degrees in summer.

You can use shades on the outside of your home above windows or indoor window shades as well. Ideally, you’d want a big tree covering windows up with shade and also providing fresh breath of air. If that is not the case for your garden, use the second best dadvice and have shades. This can lower your energy costs by quite a bit as well when done right. 

Bottom Line

Dads are the best when it comes to honest advice. No one else would be so sincere when advising you about your home improvements. Dadvice or dad advice gets ignored pretty much everywhere. But, when you do listen to it, you can end up saving a lot of money as well.

We have listed some dadvices from our own experience that helped us save a lot in our home. You can do the same. Follow any or all of these or any others that you get from your dad. Turn some into dad jokes if you want but these can all be perfect dad advices as your home improvement tips this year.

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