The Damascus Steel Sword: A Formidable Friend from the Past


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Why Swords Attract Our Imagination?

Swords have always played an important role since the medieval times. We all would agree that from cartoons, video games, and real life actions films,battle ready swordshave been giving audience a tasteof old times for ages. What if you could have your own Damascus Steel Sword either for decorative or pretend-battlingpurposes simply by clicking on a website? Battling Blades showcases many options for the sword fanatics.

The biggest advantage of any sword is its versatility compared to other weapons. Most swords can stab, slash and, hack the enemy, giving cutting damage, piercing damage, and blunt force trauma all in one weapon. As opposed to a spear, club, or an axe, which are only capable of a few options. The best design preferred for a sword is a Damascus steel which comes with its wavy patterned design with a beautiful sleek look. The value of a Damascus sword is increased because of its solid design and flexibility as it maintains a sharp edge with an eye catching look.

The Damascus Sword History

Damascus swords are considered far superior as compared to iron swords. What is so special about a Damascus sword? Damascus battle ready sword was invented by the Europeans back in the days when swords were vital for wars. According to people a Damascus sword cuts through silk thrown into the air as well as can chop through normal blades, rocks, and any other rigid material effortlessly.

How expensive is a Damascus Steel Sword?

Looking for decorativeDamascus swords for sale?You do not have to invest a very large amount of money in buying the most premium quality swords. Many functional sword makers offer a great variety of swords made from stainless steel which are economical as compared to original high quality Damascus swords which are prepared from the finest high carbon steel blade. However, in wars there were stronger materials than carbon steel that were used. Stainless steel is not considered to be good for wars because of the alloys (nickel, chromium) involved in the process. The Damascus blade is long and thin, if it were made in ancient war times of the materials that are now used, there are high chances of it shattering into pieces.

The Katana Vs The Damascus Steel Sword

If you’re interested in swords as much as I am, you’d love to know that Katana is synonymous with the best quality Damascus steel.However it is a common misconception. Damascus steel and the steel used for the Folded Steel Katana are not the same.  The katanais the sharpest blade in the world andis said to be able to cut through rifle barrels (though that’s not true) and bone (which is very true). So can the Katana cut through steel? The short answer is no. It can even split a hair that falls on it.Now let me enlighten you about its looks, a Damascus sword is a very dangerous weapon and its beauty as a blade stands out among all the other swords. It showcases choice patterns, which can be etched with an acid solution to make the design more prominent.

Damascus Steel Layers

How many layers should a Damascus steel have? This piece of metal is known for its multiple layers but if we specify according to American BladesmithSocietya Damascus sword should have straight laminated billets of around 300 to 500 layers to get the perfect aesthetic. Damascus blades still exist in the modern world, but not as the same metals as before. Nowit is made from pattern welded steel blades, then Damascus swords were forged in production centers in Sri Lanka, or Khorasan, Iran from ingots of Wootz steel from Southern India. It may not be the original metal combination of the ancient city of Damascus but it is still manufactured by following the 2000 years old traditional method.

Damascus steeltoday

Today’s Damascus blade is made up of high carbon steel with different amount of alloys as well which can easily rust if not taken care of. If you’re a blade collector, make sure your sword stays clean and dry to avoid any sort of rust and damage. You can always sharpen your Damascus blade by using a whetstone but be careful as this blade requires special techniques of sharpening and cleaning.

The Sword-Collector’s Dream: Wide Range at Battling Blades

Why stay on Damascus blades when you can collect all sorts of other blades as well. If you aren’t sure about which ones to choose follow the list below to know which designs to choose to get a perfect medieval theme for your collection.

Viking Sword

Viking Sword

Vikings were known to be the fiercest warriors or all time and with the help of their weapon craftsman they built this uniquely sharp sword nearly about a 1000 years before. The Viking Sword can be a classic decorative blade for your home.

Katana Sword

The katana sword is made up of high carbon 1095 steel with a smooth clay temper blade. Get this Asian sword design and let the sharpest blade in the world be your wall decoration.


The longsword has a longer reach and excellent thrusting abilities which is said to be much more difficult to defend against. This sword is faster than other swords because of its light weight and unique design.

Gladius Sword

The Gladius Sword is used for general utility. Different swords are used for different functions like, a rapier is a better thrusting weapon, an arming sword is better at slashing, a saber is better on horseback, last but not least a long sword is better for plate armor.

Rapier Sword

A handmade high carbon Damascus steel Zorro/fencing sword.

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