Best OSRS Weapons for Strength Training

For those focusing on OSRS strength leveling, here are the OSRS weapons that you'll need.


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If you haven’t trained strength in Old School Runescape, then you are actually amongst a rather large group of OSRS players. It represents your power in melee combat, so it’s important to train it. This will help you to increase the amount of damage you inflict on your enemies. It can take a long time to get to 99, but you won’t have to buy OSRS gold for it. In fact, it is one of the cheaper skills where OSRS GP is concerned.

In order to get to 99, we are going to be looking at the OSRS weapons that we need to use to reach the max level.


Specifically, the Rune Scimitar is a weapon that you should use to get to level 40. You’ll need to be at a level 40 attack for this. Focusing on training methods that won’t cost you a lot of your OSRS gold will be key. You could normally use the Brine Sabre but costs a lot more. So you’d have to consider finding OSRS gold for sale if you were to train with it.

Granite Weaponry

At level 50, as well as level 50 attack, we can then use the Granite hammer, though this will set you back a lot of OSRS gold. Alternatively, you could use the Granite longsword. It has a slower attack but is way more affordable than the previous option.

Dragon Scimitar

Once we get to level 60, we will be moving onto Dragon weapons. These are some of the best melee weapons in the game. We aren’t going to be looking at ranged weapons, so put away the Twisted Bow for the time being. In this case, let’s focus on the Dragon Scimitar since it’s cheaper than most weapons at this level. You will however need to have finished the first Monkey Madness quest so that you can use it.

Otherwise, you can use the Dragon sword. The problem here is that it does have weaker bonuses, and will cost more OSRS gold. It is still a worthwhile alternative despite these disadvantages. The Dragon longsword is a third choice, which costs less but attacks slower.

Saradomin Sword

From level 70 we can then use the Saradomin sword. This is a pretty cheap sword, so don’t expect a heavy hit on your OSRS GP. This is a great weapon to use against enemies that have a lower defense. You could choose the Abyssal Whip as well, but you’ll need to be training defense as well. This is a key point to make, as you won’t be able to use it effectively if you’re only training strength.

Ghrazi Rapier

We are now up to level 75 attack and we can then unlock the best weapon for melee training in the whole game. That being said, you will need a wealth of OSRS gold to get it. It’s not just the price either, as you will also have to find it as well. It’s an extremely rare weapon to find, so you could try for the Abyssal Tentacle or the Blessed Saradomin instead. However, you should be aware that these weapons are degradable. For an alternative good for slash, the Staff of the dead is a good choice. What’s more, if you use it with a defender, it has higher accuracy than the Saradomin sword. Save it for the enemies that have higher defense, even though its strength is lower.

These are all effective weapons to help you get to 99. You are going to be spending a lot of time and effort getting to the top level, but thankfully it isn’t as costly for your OSRS GP. Having a high strength level is very desirable, and it can be useful if you’re player-killing. Ensure that you are keeping in mind what damage monsters are vulnerable to. Keep an eye on monsters’ stats to see what their bonuses are then choose the relevant weapon to take them down with.

Another tip for training strength is Slayer. If you have been training Slayer already, then you may have noticed that you can garner a lot of strength from doing training the skill. That said, the best takeaway from this article is going to be the weapons that you choose. From level 1-99, you will now know what the best choices are, whilst taking into consideration how much OSRS GP you want to spend.

Which OSRS weapon do you find to be the best? Have you maxed out the strength skill? Let us know in the comments section below!