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Do You Know Who Is Danny Duncan?

Millions of people use social media sites, earning and influencing people from these sites. Danny Duncan is also one of those people who are famous on all social sites. He is a famous star due to his unique and funny content. Not all people upload funny content and short funny pranks like he does. Fans across the country and abroad are interested to know about Danny Duncan’s height, age, family, and biography. You can visit his social media account on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, and how can you forget YouTube? Duncan became famous due to prank posts and videos on Youtube, which helped him grow gradually, and his followers reached 5.5 million in a very short period.

Early Life & Education Of Danny Duncan

Danny Duncan does not belong to a wealthy family, he was born in Florida in July 1992, and his mother took care of him. His zodiac sign is Leo, and his age is 30 years as of 2022. He lived in Florida when he was young and completed his basic primary education. As he was from a low-income family, he started working in a company after completing his high school education. The company is about pharmacy and operates different branches of pharmacy stores.

Danny Duncan Height And Appearance

Danny Duncan Height And Appearance

He is a popular comedian and is also famous for his unique style and appearance. Danny Duncan’s height is about 5 feet and 10 inches (178cm), and he weighs 57 kilograms. His chest size is 34 inches, and his waist is 30 inches. The color of his hair is dark brown with a wavy texture. Danny Duncan always has a beautiful smile on his face and grey eyes color.

Social Media Celeb

Not all get fame from social media; Danny Duncan has an enormous fan following and runs multiple social accounts. There are millions of fans who enjoy his pranks and funny videos. He enjoys his funny videos, also. Their most famous videos are related to his bike riding and skateboarding content.

YouTube Channel:

Danny Duncan is known for his videos uploaded on his YouTube channel. You can search for him with the user name “@DuncanDuncan.” He has approximately 6.64 million subscribers, and you’ll be amazed to hear the number of videos he has uploaded to his account so far. He has uploaded four hundred and twelve videos. Creating his channel on YouTube in 2014 was the beginning of his YouTube career, and he has never stopped making videos since then. The average number of views of Duncan’s videos is almost 600,000 a day, giving him a high profit. In this way, he attained $1.7 million in one year.

Instagram Account:

Danny Duncan, a famous social media star, has uploaded many videos on Instagram. He makes funny videos, uploads them, which people like the most, and waits for his next video. Danny has an account with the name “@dannyduncan69. You can watch his posts (pics and videos) on Instagram. He has more than 3.5 million followers with 336 videos. You can watch these videos and entertain yourself with such fantastic video content.

Twitter Account:

Since the start of social sites, Twitter has been one of the first famous social sites. Thousands of users use Twitter with great content, and Danny Duncan also holds a Twitter account. You can find him on Twitter with the id “DannyDuncan69” and watch his massive list of videos and tweets. There are 190K followers on his Twitter account, and people enjoy his enjoyable posts and funny content.

Facebook Official Account:

Millions of viewers are enjoying the unique pranks of Danny Duncan on Facebook. People are not only following him on Facebook but also tagging him in their videos and writing comments. You can search for him with the name “Danny Duncan.”

Tik Tok:

Danny Duncan also has an official page on Tik Tok. He is as famous as on other social media accounts. He also gained fame on the Tik Tok account and has 5.4 million followers. His account also has 68.3 million likes, and people enjoy his funny videos.

Danny Duncan Official Web Store

He is a famous YouTube star, but apart from his funny videos, he and his family also run a web store. They sell the latest style tees, accessories, hoodies, and many other goods. People buy things from his store and tag him on his official social sites with feedback.

Net Worth

People know Danny Duncan as a YouTube star, but people are more curious to know Danny Duncan’s height, career, and net worth. Danny earns from his social site accounts, especially YouTube, and also from running a website. He has a net worth of about 5 million dollars through all his sites in 2022. He is not topped yet from making and uploading his pranks and funny videos.

Danny Duncan Girlfriend

Danny is a famous internet celebrity and is straight. There are no rumors or information about his relationships from previous posts and videos. On his YouTube channel, he has shared a video with his girlfriend, Lindsey Bell. He is unmarried and has no ex-relationships; he is focusing on his career.

Danny Duncan Parents

He is famous on all sites but does not share any related information about his family. As his parents were separated, his mother took care of him and his half-brother. His father’s name is unknown, but his mother’s name is Susan Duncan. Danny Duncan’s siblings are a half-brother and a sister. His half-brother’s name is Matthew.


Fans of Danny Duncan know him by his nickname “Danny,” and he is a famous comedy star and a YouTuber on the internet. His funny or prank-based videos earned him fame on almost all social sites. His fans also search for Danny Duncan’s height, ex-relationships, present relationships, net worth, and many more. He does not belong to a wealthy family but now earns a handsome amount through his YouTube channel.

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Does Danny Duncan have any son/daughter?

No, he does not have any son/daughter.

Is Danny famous only for prank videos?

No, he is an athlete famous for his skateboarding and thrilling bike riding.