What To Feed Deer in Backyard? All You Need To Know


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Deer is an animal that lives on plants in the forest or mountains. Many people who live near the jungle or outside the city area sometimes see deer around them. Citizens kill them and eat them as they are a rich source of proteins and other nutrients, but in some countries, it is illegal to kill them. Instead of killing these innocent creatures, you can give them something to eat. You should know what they enjoy the most and what to feed deer in the backyard. These are harmless animals and becoming extinct day by day.

What To Feed Deer In Backyard According To Season?

What To Feed Deer In Backyard According To Season?

As you all know, animals have a specific food they like to eat. Animals are of different kinds, such as herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Deer are plant-eating animals but also eat mixed food that people give them to eat. These types of food depend upon the weather also. In winter, they live in a cold habitat, so they eat what will complete their nutritional value.

In Winters:

In cold regions, due to low temperatures, plants have fewer chances to grow, even if there are no leaves on trees. Deer eat tree branches or other food, so they prefer food that completes their nutritional needs. These foods include fruits, acorns, and nuts that will provide enough energy and keep them warm during the winter. Not only the food, but you can also give them shelter in cold, snowy weather. Also, please provide them with food regularly for their excellent health, but you should know what to feed deer in the backyard; otherwise, it may make them ill. You can also help them to grow their population without the fear of killing.

What To Feed Deer In Backyard: Summers &Spring Season

In the summer and spring seasons, they eat a variety of food. Shrubs, herbs, grass, and other green plants, but people also give them other types of processed deer food. While feeding them, ensure you give them food correctly and do not overfeed them. They might get ill also, don’t give them acorns in large quantities.

When it comes to feeding deer, what should you not do?

Unfortunately, deer are not sophisticated enough to avoid eating unhealthy foods. Deer cannot digest and break down the starch in those foods because their stomachs can’t digest them. Deer might inadvertently consume them in the winter if no other food is available. Providing hay and alfalfa to deer should be handled carefully, but some foods shouldn’t be fed to them.

Different Types Of Food For Deer

In addition to eating tree branches, leaves, and fruits, deer can only eat these plants when trees grow, and climate changes are not so severe. It all depends on where and how they are living. If they live in your backyard, you need to know what to feed deer in the backyard. There is a variety of plants that you can feed them. If you are feeding them home-formulated or a mixture of deer feed, try to mix them with natural plants. There are various foods you should not give them to eat as their stomach cannot digest that food. Which makes their stomach ache or makes them ill. They will stop eating, and that also leads to death.

Plant Branches:

As you know, deer mostly live in cold regions, and in winter, there is no food they can feed. They need food to live; people can help them in many ways, so give them branches, as deer cannot eat them due to their short height. Cut down the branches and provide them with food by mixing it with processed deer food.


Deer eat fruits and like to eat them during the winter season. Grab the bags of different fruits and vegetables from stores and combine a mixture of fruits, vegetables, and processed food. Then give it to them. Please do not give any additional food supplements as they have sensitive stomachs. Instead of supplements, give them oats to eat as they are digestible and full of fiber. You can give them apples, grapes, carrots, cherries, and many more for their great health.

Food For Wild Deer

Different kinds of deer are present globally; according to their habitat, they eat food. The wild deer also eat different food from the forest, such as mushrooms, forbs, mast, and browse. This variety of food is made from a mixture of plants.

Forbs For Deer:

The animals and living things survive according to the food chain. In the food chain of deer, they eat from the surroundings or forest plants. If you give them food, then it should be according to their lifestyle. Forbs are plants with broad leaves, while weeds are with narrow leaves. They are present in large amounts and are rich in nutrients. These forbs are present all around the roads, woods, and fields during spring and summer. Deer also eat young plants and grass.  

Mushrooms For Deer:

In the woods and forest, various mushrooms grow, and animals eat them. Mushrooms are a rich source of many elements and nutrients that help them survive and give them energy and other essential elements such as proteins. Deer eat them from the woods daily, which makes them healthy.


It is a food that contains nuts, fruits, and acorns, as these are full of natural nutrients that make them healthy and strong. During the scarcity, mast helps them survive and gives them the power to live. This also includes the fruits such as plums, grapes, berries, apples, and pears. These are full of energy and essential elements.


If deer live near your home and you want them to live with you, you should provide them with food daily. Instead of killing them, consider what to feed deer in the backyard. Different weather conditions affect deer’s diet throughout the year. They eat grass, forbs, browse, mushrooms, and mast in summer. They eat fruits, stems, branches, and processed food in winter. As they become extinct, please provide them with the best food possible to grow their population. If the deer live in wild areas, they eat all types of plants around them.

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What is Browse that deer eat a lot?

Browse are the leaves of plants, twigs, and wood trees. Deer eat them in the spring and summer seasons.

Does every country allow killing them?

Worldwide it is not legal to kill deer as they are getting extinct. People should help to grow their population instead of killing and eating them.

Which nuts do they eat the most?

Nuts include acorns and chestnuts. Deer eat a lot of nuts as they give them protein, carbs, and energy to survive in cold regions.