Debunking the Most Common Smartphone Myths That Exist Today


Last Updated on January 18, 2024 by Umer Malik

Debunking the Most Common Smartphone Myths That Exist Today

Are you trying to make the best use of your smartphone but feeling confused after hearing lots of conflicting information?

If you want to use your smartphone most effectively, it’s important to know about the biggest smartphone myths. Not only will it be easier for you to make informed buying decisions. You’ll also know how to treat your phone well so that it lasts many years.  

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, but with their popularity comes a slew of myths and misconceptions. Some of these myths may have been true at one point, but technology has advanced, and some are simply false. Here are some of the most common smartphone myths that exist today and the truth behind them.

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Myth: You Can Make Your Phone Faster by Closing Background Apps

Even though it seems like having many background apps open simultaneously will drain your battery, the truth is that these apps go to sleep when you are not using them. This is because the best smartphones, such as the Galaxy S22, are optimized to send processing power where it needs to go. 

This means that the apps you have working in the foreground will use most of your phone’s processing power. Those in the background rarely use any battery power. 

Myth: You Can Dry a Wet Smartphone in a Bowl of Rice

Unless your cell phone is water-resistant, chances are you’ve got a healthy fear of getting your new smartphone wet. If you leave your phone out in the rain, there’s a high likelihood that you will damage it. This is why people tell you always to have a bag of rice nearby to prevent water damage. 

While it’s true that rice does absorb moisture, it can only do this if the rice grains actually touch drops of water. This is obviously impossible if the water you’re trying to soak up is inside your phone. 

Most people don’t realize that there are actually great reasons not to leave your phone in a bag of rice because it’s possible that starch from the grain will enter your phone and corrode its important parts. 

Myth: You Can Keep Your Phone From Getting Scratched by Using a Screen Protector

This is mostly false. Older types of smartphones were made with thin glass that was prone to get scratched, chipped, and cracked. But for the last few years, almost all types of smartphones have come with durable displays. Some of them won’t even get damaged if you scratch them with a knife. 

This is why you shouldn’t trust the messages you hear from people saying you’ll scratch your phone if you don’t apply a screen protector. 

Myth: Your Phone’s Camera Is Better if It Has More Megapixels

There was a time when megapixels mattered for photography. They were important for point-and-shoot cameras when their technology was still developing. The rule was that the higher the number of megapixels a camera had, the better photos it would take. 

The truth is that megapixels only matter about how large of a photo a camera can take. Unless you need to take photos for billboards, the number of megapixels your camera has doesn’t really matter anymore.

Myth: It’s Possible to Cook an Egg With a Smartphone

There used to be lots of inaccurate information people would share about cell phones and radiation. One of the most notorious pieces of false information was that it’s possible to cook an egg with cell phones. 

People started spreading this myth after watching a YouTube video that showed an egg cooking between two ringing smartphones. The video was apparently showing what happens to your brain when you use a smartphone. 

It turns out that this video was a hoax. It’s true that cell phones release very small amounts of radiation. But the truth is that you’d need more than five thousand of the world’s best mobile phones to start warming an egg. 

Myth: It’s a Good Idea to Completely Drain Your Battery Before Recharging It  

During the early days of cell phones, they used NiCAD and NiMH batteries that would last longer if you charged them to zero before recharging them. But within the last five years, manufacturers started installing Lithium-ion batteries on their phones. 

Since LIthium-ion batteries don’t have “cell memory” like older models, it does not make a difference whether or not you completely drain the battery before you recharge your phone. 

Myth: It’s Bad to Leave Your Phone to Charge Overnight

This is a huge myth that’s been circulating for many years. People started believing it because it used to be true. Old phones didn’t know how to tell when they were fully charged. This is why it used to be a bad idea to leave them charging overnight. 

Modern phones are “smart” in many ways, meaning they know when they’re full. When their batteries reach one hundred percent, this is why they won’t continue to use electricity.

Another great thing that smartphones can now do is charge more quickly when they are in airplane mode. This is why you should be sure to choose this setting whenever you need to charge your phone. 

Myth: Closing Apps Improves Battery Life

It’s a common belief that closing apps running in the background improve battery life, but it’s not entirely true. In fact, closing and reopening apps frequently can drain the battery faster. The best way to save battery life is to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other features when not in use.

Don’t Believe the Smartphone Myths

If you want to get the most out of your smartphone, you must know about the top smartphone myths. Don’t believe people telling you you can charge your phone faster by closing background apps. You should also not worry about scratching your phone’s screen if you have not installed a screen protector yet. 

In conclusion, these smartphone myths are prevalent, but they’re not entirely accurate. Understanding the truth behind these myths can help you make informed decisions and get the most out of your smartphone.

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