10 ways to save money on rug washing.

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Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Rugs are expensive. They can be worth thousands of dollars. As such, many people want them cleaned regularly to keep them looking their best—maybe even too often.

Unless there is something wrong with the rug that requires cleaning, you should only clean it every six months to a year. Over-cleaning has negative consequences for rugs; doing so causes wear and tear on the fibers, hence its price tag. The following list offers 10 ways to save money on rug washing:

1) Don’t let dirt build up on your rug between washing:

This is especially important in high traffic areas where grime can act as sandpaper on your rug’s fibers, but it applies across the board. This means not bringing furniture or other objects on your rug that can cause wear and tear, like high-heeled shoes.

2) Do it yourself

This is absolutely the most cost effective way to clean a rug. If you have the time, buy cleaning supplies in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club in order to save money. You will need to purchase chemicals for hard water stains, deep stain removal, brightening rugs and more. There are also many DIY tutorials available online which use household ingredients for rug washing recipes that are not only safe but effective too!

3) Use professional services when necessary

Not because you feel guilty about being so extravagant with your living room floor coverings! If your rug cannot be washed by machine (for example, it is very delicate), or if you are having a rug professionally cleaned anyway, consider adding it to an existing rug cleaning contract. If your home has many area rugs, you could save even more by having all of them washed together.

4) Take advantage of coupons

If you take your rug to be cleaned at a business that also caters to other clients (like tanning salons do) ask if they have any specials on rug washing. This works well for businesses that are open year round, but if yours is seasonal or closed during certain parts of the year, check with the owner about possible deals during off-peak season.

5) Use organic ingredients

Budget friendly ones! The chemicals in some rug cleaning products are very harsh; they will leave your rug looking great but be harmful to your health. You can make homemade cleaners with ingredients like vinegar, lemons and baking soda for a fraction of the price of industry chemicals. It is also safer for the environment by not polluting our landfills with plastic bottles full of toxic chemical residue; plus, you know exactly what is in your product if it’s natural.

6) Dry clean your rugs instead of washing them at home

If possible. Removing some rugs from their stretcher bars or otherwise disassembling/unstretching them to wash them inside out takes time and dedication. There are also some r that simply cannot be washed due to the materials they are made from. If you live far away from your rug cleaner, taking steps to prevent it from getting dirty until you get there is an added bonus.

7) Select a reputable business for rug washing

While results will vary depending on the cleaning company and type of rug, this is especially true when selecting one online where reviews and testimonials can be misleading. Check with family members and friends who have had rugs cleaned recently to get personal recommendations/insight into how reliable each business is. You can also do some research on websites like Yelp or City search to see if other customers were satisfied with their services. Also make sure to ask your prospective business what kind of chemicals they use for rug cleaning since these can be very toxic if not handled properly.

8) Clean your rug in sections

Do you have a small living room with one sectional sofa? How about one area where the kids eat their dinner? It takes more time to clean each of these areas on separate days, but it saves money on chemicals and rug cleaning fees. Just make sure to spend extra time vacuuming or beating out dirt that has settled into your rug’s fibers before washing it in order to get the best results post-cleaning.

9) Stretch-wash your rug at home

Here are some simple instructions for stretch washing your own rugs : remove loose debris by beating/vacuuming the surface of the rug; place rubber gloves on your hands to protect them from rug chemicals; mix the rug shampoo with warm water at a ratio of 1:4 (e.g., 25 oz. of hot water to 5 oz. of shampoo) in a bucket; dip absorbent towel into soapy solution and wring it out before placing it down onto your rug, be sure to have some sort of plastic barrier underneath the rug so that the mixture does not seep through to whatever surface is underneath or cause damage/staining to wood or tile floors by becoming slippery when wet ; place a second dry towel over top and press firmly on towel while rolling your hand back and forth across its surface on top of towel causing soap mixture under towel’s surface to scrub through fabric fibers on rug; repeat until entire rug is covered in suds (make sure to check for dry spots/areas where the towel has not absorbed mixture even after scrubbing with a second towel) and rinse your rug by wetting it thoroughly before wringing out excess water; hang to air dry or, if needed, machine dry on delicate cycle.

10)  Learn how to clean rugs yourself

If you are good at learning new processes and interested in saving money, consider buying some books on rug cleaning at your local library. There are also plenty of websites that have free information for do-it-yourselfers. Keep in mind that while this might seem like a more affordable option, it will require time spent prior to the rug being cleaned as well as time spent to rinse and dry your rug at home before putting it back into storage.


These ten tips for saving money on rug washing will help you get more bang for your buck and keep your rugs looking newer, longer. If you still think hiring a professional is the best choice (perhaps due to wanting someone else to do all of the work), make sure to check out our article about how to choose a reputable business. 

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