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If you reside in Canada, I am sure that you must be aware of Canada’s famous wholesale shopping mall. Every family likes to go there for their weekly groceries. The reason is pretty simple. You get amazing discounts and promos. Who doesn’t like saving and products at a discount? Visiting Costco Canada is more like going to a free buffet where you get everything larger than life. There is not a single thing that you cannot find in Costco, and the cherry on the cake is that they are cheap and affordable. 

So, in this post for all you Costco in Canada lovers, I will discuss and present some amazing hacks that will help you save a lot more while shopping.

Insurance when you choose to subscribe to Costco flyers membership, you will also be able to subscribe to the medical and dental insurance plan and at a very affordable price.

Free health examinations 

Through Costco’s pharmacy department, you can also get tested for diabetes and osteoporosis for free. It is also advisable to check whether there is an availability of these services at your nearest Costco before you go ahead with the check-up.

Cheap glasses and lenses 

It is not just about the health examinations mentioned above; with the latest Costco flyer, you can also get reading glasses and contact lenses at an affordable price.

Cheaper prescriptions 

Well, if you are at Costco, you can easily save up a lot on medical expenses. You will be able to send your prescriptions online at Costco Flyers for much less than their competitors.

Free installations 

When you buy items or furniture for your homes like counters or doors, this wholesale market offers free installation services, which is quite generous of them.

It is not just about cheap shopping and active flyers in Canadayou can also get your logo designed for the wholesale store if you plan to open a new company. They will provide logo designs at a very cheap and affordable rate. They will pitch you about a dozen designs so that you can pick your favorite.

Discounts on movie tickets 

If you think that the movie ticket is very expensive, you can take the help of Costco Flyers as it offers a 25 percent discount on the selected movie tickets. Sometimes, you can also enjoy 2 for one deal. You will usually find such kinds of deals in the gift card option.

Original Party cakes 

If your friend’s birthday is around the corner, then no need to go to the bakery shop, mostly the cakes there are expensive. You can instead head to Costco Canada and find their amazing deals on the cake. The price of cakes there is affordable.

Printer’s ink 

Continuously refilling the printer’s cartridges is very expensive; however, in Costco flyers Canada you can get your old cartridges, and they will fill it up at a lower price. You can save up to 70 percent as compared to regular prices of ink refilling.

Cheaper snacks

The combo of a cold drink and a hot dog at Costco has been $1.50 for so many years. You cannot find such cheap snacks anywhere else in Canada.


So, these are some of the tricks and methods I am sure you must have never heard about. Trust me, with all these methods; you will end up saving a lot of money using it on other important things, rather than just wasting it all on regular groceries. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Costco Canada today and buy products at a discount. Good Luck!

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