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Raiding can be intimidating especially for players that haven’t done it before. Here’s a quick start guard to one of the best activities in World of Warcraft.

Raiding is a fun activity that’s been popular for many years in World of Warcraft. What started as a way to defeat a difficult boss has turned into a staple for the community. There are a lot of perks should players try to do some raids in WoW. First off, they got some neat loot that can’t be found anywhere else. And second, it’s a cathartic experience that’s unlike any of the other stuff that players do in the game. At the start, players usually just play solo or party up with a bunch of other players–around three to five or so–and complete quests from there. Upon finally reaching the maximum level that a player can attain in World of Warcraft, that’s where everything opens up. Think of it as discovering a newfound world to explore. While it’s very much possible to still play the same way, a player would back then during their first few levels in World of Warcraft, it’s recommended that they ought to experience what a raid is like at least once in their lifetime. Besides, they can get a ton of gold for it so they don’t need to buy WoW gold anymore!

What is Raiding?

Raiding in World of Warcraft means going to certain dungeons that allow groups to battle elite mobs and bosses. These feature several quests that need to be completed, otherwise, the group won’t be able to get to the “end location” or “end boss”. The goal of these raids is to earn better rewards such as exclusive WoW Mounts for sale than one might get from just doing simple quests.

Grouping Up

Raiding requires 20 or more people. Should the number be less than 20, then the raid can fail. Each group consists of tanks, healers, and DPS for the raid to succeed. The tanks will be the ones to soak up all of the damage. The healers heal the tanks and DPS to keep them alive. Last but not the least, the DPS are the damage dealers that chip away at the health bar of the bosses and/or mobs. The core idea of raids is the same as dungeons where the groups will have to kill mobs of enemies first then make their way up to the boss. The difference between both is that for dungeons, it’s okay to have fewer people, whereas in raids there needs to be a lot of people to be good for the whole thing to succeed.

Loot Distribution

Nothing is better than getting the spoils of a victory. In World of Warcraft, the loot that groups get in dungeons is always the same. For raids though, it’s a different story. In normal/mythic/heroic raids, it’s up to the raid leader to decide how the loot should be distributed. This goes especially for guild groups. Generally, the guild groups that go on raids with the same people every week opt to distribute the loot manually and base the number of loot a player gets on how many raids they’ve participated in so far and such. It depends on the guild that a player is in.

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Investing Time

While the length of a raid in World of Warcraft isn’t as extreme as other MMORPGs, they still a lot of time. Several factors affect the duration of a raid, but the consensus of the community concerning the length of time a raid should last is around 2 to 4 hours. This assumes that the players within the raid group are seasoned and capable of taking down bosses on their first try. There’s also the factor of which type of raid a player goes to. A simple raid only has one boss and result in taking less time; however, raids with multiple bosses will take much longer and go as far as a few nights. Altogether, a player will have to commit their time if they want to join a raid. If the 2-4 hours mark is too much for them, then maybe it’s best to reconsider their plans on raiding.

Final Thoughts

Raiding is one of the best activities to do after a player has reached the endgame, but it’s understandable if it’s not for them. As long as they know what they’re getting into and what they have to commit to, then raiding can be a fun and addictive time. Plus, they can get tons of rewards such as WoW Mounts for sale from it. What do you think about raiding in World of Warcraft? Do you often join these kinds of activities? Let us know your perspective about this down below.

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