The Mythical Dungeon Wow Guide

The Mythical Dungeon Wow Guide

Last Updated on July 9, 2022 by rida

Today we’re going to share with you another version of World of Warcraft tournaments, about the Mythic Dungeon Invitational tournament. In the dungeon mode users are given a special task the main goal of which is to fight with their team in order to defeat enemies in a short amount of time. There are hardly any other quest games that could be compared with Mythic Dungeon in the World of Warcraft universe. This year, a competition turns into a long period session, where all the teams will be competing for the prize. To become a part of the team you need to be a skilful and experienced player, we want to tell you all the information about the Mythic Dungeon so that you could fully enjoy the quest game.

Dungeons is a type of WOW game for a team of five players. The game is set in a particular dungeon, which players determine with the help of a map. Inside the dungeon is a huge number of enemies that must be defeated in as little time as possible, as every minute is counted. There are three levels in dungeon mode: normal, heroic and mythic. The normal level is the easiest one, where players get acquainted with their teams as they are usually formed randomly. On the Mythic level, team recruitment is voluntary, each user can create his own team by inviting new members, but this level is more challenging in comparison with the others, having experience in the previous levels could help you to succeed.

When the history of the dungeon begin

Although it may seem that dungeons are new in the world of WOW, this is not the case, mythical dungeons have existed a long time ago. However, the plus mode only appeared in the new World of Warcraft expansion, Legion. Since then, the dungeons have become much more challenging and exciting.

Once every seven days, players receive a key after the successful completing the first dungeon. Each type has a different stone with a particular number. Once the team are inside, they gather around a pedestal, and as soon as the player with the trapezodal stone appears, the dungeon changes. The countdown timer begins as soon as the entire team returns to the dungeon. The barrier is removed only when the countdown has ended. After that, the team goes through the dungeon as usual. The goal is to complete the dungeon in a certain amount of time, just like in World of Warcraft.

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In case players finish on time, they win a reward, their keystone is placed in a new dungeon and the level of the stone is automatically upgraded. If not, players receive a reward, but the keystone disappears. If you’re wondering what the most difficult level looks like, then you are going to spend a long time playing the game to find the answer, because the difficulty can literally increase infinitely. However, more often than not, new players are given the opportunity to choose a level.

However, remember that the dungeons Mythic plus require more skills than others, it is one of the most challenging but fascinating tasks in mythic dungeons. There are only 5 players in your group, each participant must have exceptional skills for a successful game. Sometimes this can cause some difficulties and slow down the game process, in such cases, boosting services come to the rescue. Professional WOW players with many years of experience will help you achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time. That is why a mythic boost is popular in use with the team players. It helps to complete a difficult mission and also can simultaneously save time and effort to get to the next level. There are no restrictions, only you choose which level you would like to reach. 

Who can participate in the tournament? 

During the first fourteen days, there is a qualifying round, during which time everyone is welcome to compete. The only condition is to have a team of six people and also, it is very important to have six completed mythic keystone level 23 dungeons. Thus, teams that have met these two conditions can move on to the next stage of Time Trials. Time is also your enemy in order to get ahead and pass to the next round of the game, you need to be especially attentive, no one knows when a team of professional players come by.


To defeat all the enemies before the timer runs out is the goal of the whole team. After completing the main objectives, a loot chest appears and an updated epoch-making key for a player who has just started the passage. At the end of a successful game, players can make a bonus roll by spending the Seal of the Warrior’s Fate. By Printing, a random item can be obtained from the loot table of a completed dungeon. Don’t lose a chance to try the Mythic dungeon with your friends and test your skill. Maybe it is you who will be the next winner. Good luck!