Different Level Of Electricians

Different Level Of Electricians
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Electricians are skilled professionals who specialize in installing, designing, and maintaining power systems. The electrician in East Melbourne can work in various sectors like office buildings, residential apartments, and houses.

Though we have a basic understanding of the role of electricians in our lives, in this post, we will discuss the various levels of electricians.

Apprentice Electrician: 

When an individual wants to enter the electrician course, he must go through the apprenticeship program. A high school diploma is mandatory for applying for the course in most states. A lot of classroom hours, approximately several hundred hours, are required for completing the apprenticeship program. 

After completing the apprenticeship, the individual can join a commercial group of electricians. Under a licensed electrician, an internship can be applied after 3 to 6 years. Then, when you are focused on entering the field of electricity, you can go for the apprenticeship program.

Journeyman Electrician: 

After completing the apprenticeship, you can go for the test to become a journeyman electrician if all the criteria are met. Then, you will receive the license from the state, local, or federal licensing board. 

You can work independently without any supervision when you have received the license. You are also eligible for training new individuals who want to go for the apprenticeship program. The Concept Electrical group can help you with your electrical needs for installation, repair, and maintenance.

Master Electrician:

The master electrician is the highest certification obtained in the electrical industry. Though the eligibility requirements vary from state to state, generally, 4000 hours of electric work as a journeyman is necessary, followed by the exam licensing. 

The individuals, including females, are eligible for work under several complex projects and can help in training the journeyman. In addition, they are experienced enough to handle complex industrial and commercial projects.

Depending on the specializations, the electricians can be divided into several types.

Residential Electrician:

This electrician is the most common type of electrician and is responsible for upgrading the electrical systems. They help maintain, install, and troubleshoot the electrical equipment found in residential settings like condominiums, apartments, and houses.

Industrial Electrician-

The electrician responsible for looking after the electrical needs in the industry. These electricians generally work in big manufacturing houses, mines, factories, and power plants.

Commercial Electrician

When the commercial buildings require electrical installation or maintenance, the commercial electricians are called for.

Maintenance Electricians-

They play important roles in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Other responsibilities like troubleshooting, testing, and installation of equipment are also part of their activities.


The electrician in East Melbourne suggests that the interested individuals should go for an apprenticeship program first. If eligible, then they can go for the journeyman certification, and the highest certification can be achieved, which is known as the master electrician. Different electricians can be divided according to their sectors like maintenance, commercial, industrial, and residential electricians. As you know about all the levels of the electrician, you can thus apply according to your interest.

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