What Are the Different Types of Event Venues That Exist Today?

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So, you’re hosting an event — congrats! What’s the location?

Every host knows that the hardest part of any event is finding a suitable venue for the party. There are so many factors to consider, like budget, accessibility, and sponsorship. It can be overwhelming.

The good news? You have plenty of options to choose from. There’s a variety of different types of venues waiting for you to book. And no two types of event venues are the same.

So how do you know which venue is right for you?

Keep reading as we break down the details of your party to guide you in finding the best event venue for your pow wow!

Small Parties

After the lockdown of 2020, there’s never been a better reason to have a get-together with friends. These smaller, social types of events revolve around eating and entertainment. They are also local and accessible by all the members involved:


It’s simple, easy, and inexpensive. Hosting a gathering at a restaurant has it all. Plus, with the wide variety of cuisines, you can find a menu that will accommodate everyone at your party.

Bars, Breweries, and Wineries

Hosting an event at a bar or brewery allows you to hone in on the attitude of the event. Do you want the event to have a classy feel? Or is it a laid-back pub kind of deal? The possibilities are as endless as the drinks and appetizers!

Other Options for Small Parties Include:

  • Hotels
  • Sports Club
  • Art Galleries
  • Distilleries

If you want something more quiet and reserved, host a private event. Double-check that guest list!

Large Parties

Weddings, corporate events, or reunions of any kind need a venue that will accommodate a high volume of people. Without members feeling claustrophobic:


Over 70% of event planners choose to work with hotels. They are a popular option for the best corporate event. And why not? They have guaranteed customer service, food and other services are onsite, and your attendees have a place to sleep when the event is over!

A step up from this, if you need something even bigger, would be a conference center. You’ll have space galore!


A top contender for the best wedding venue, barn weddings have grown in popularity over the years. And after scrolling through Pinterest, there’s no question. Open space, modern amenities, stunning backdrops, secluded areas, and rustic charm. It’s easy to say I do!

Other Options Include:

  • Stadiums/ Arenas
  • Colleges/ Universities
  • Expo Centers
  • Botanical Gardens

There Are Several Types of Event Venues to Choose From

Whether you are a first-time host or veteran planner, finding the best event venue starts with knowing the size of your party.

Don’t let all the different types of event venues stress you out.

Check the RSVP, pick a theme, and start searching!

Keep tabs on our blog for more advice on types of events!

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