What Are the Different Types of Baby Formula That Exist Today?

Baby Formula
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Babies rely on formula or breast milk for nutrition during the first four to six months that they are alive. Baby formula is convenient and nutritious, which is why it is so popular. In fact, the baby formula industry is expected to be worth nearly six billion dollars in just a few years.  

Each baby is unique and there are many types of baby formula available for them. No matter what kind of formula you get, it should be fortified with iron to give your baby the recommended amount of iron each day. Your baby is probably going to be drinking a little more than twenty ounces each day by the time they are one month old.

So what are the different types of baby formula that exist today? That’s a great question and we have the answers that you are looking for. So keep on reading and we will take you through everything you will want to know!

Cow Milk-Based

Formula made out of cow milk such as HiPP Dutch Stage 1 uses milk that is treated with heat to make the proteins inside of the milk safe for the baby. The amount of lactose also matches the amount that is naturally found in human breast milk.

Extensively Hydrolyzed

A formula that is extensively hydrolyzed is one in which the proteins are broken down. They are turned into smaller components that are easier for the baby’s digestive system to handle.

This kind of formula is referred to as “predigested.” Babies who have allergies or other health problems can benefit from a formula that has been extensively hydrolyzed. Parents can ask their pediatricians for recommendations if the baby’s health issues interfere with the baby’s ability to have other types of formula.


There is also soy baby formula. This contains a mix of carbs and proteins that differ from the ones found in baby formula that is milk-based. A doctor might recommend this kind of baby formula if the baby is lactose intolerant.

Infants who have trouble with cow milk formula tend to digest this kind of formula more easily.

German Formula

German formula is natural and easy to digest. It comes with probiotics that help to support the immune system and brain development. This kind of formula is also packed with important fatty acids to keep your baby healthy. 

The Importance of Knowing the Different Types of Baby Formula That Exist Today 

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of the different types of baby formula that exist today. As we can see, there are many different options to choose from. It’s important that you talk with your pediatrician to figure out which kind of formula is best for your baby.

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