Different Ways Of Styling A Dupatta

Styling A Dupatta

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Nothing can make your attire more interesting than a versatile dupatta. But you may feel bored of draping a dupatta in the usual way. You may wish to try out things differently every time. Bring out your creativity in draping your dupatta and try out different draping styles of dupattas. This can make you look stunning on any day. Styling a dupatta can change your look, and your attire looks different in each draping style. Choose the draping style based on the attire you wear. You will look gorgeous at parties and wedding ceremonies when you style your dupatta right. Here is a quick look at the different ways of styling your dupatta:

Elegant Dupatta Draping Styles With Regular Wear Salwars

Your dupatta can add elegance to your salwars. You can make simple salwar into grand party wear when you style it right with a dupatta. Here are some dupatta styling ideas with salwar:
Half pleated Dupatta: Embrace style with half pleated dupatta styling with your plain or Kota Print Dupattas. This is a simple dupatta draping style, and it can be done in a jiffy. Here one side of the simple plain dupatta is pleated, and the other side is left free. This draping style suits the best for casual and daily wear salwars.
Shoulder Wrist Drape: This is a unique draping style where you drape the dupatta on one side and roll it on your wrist on the other side. Use woven design dupattas for this type of styling. Your salwars look elegant with this dupatta style. Your salwars look the best in this dupatta draping style.
Free-falling Dupatta: Try this dupatta style when pairing your salwar with embroidered dupatta. Do not pleat your embroidery dupatta; just make it fall on either side for a classy look.

Mesmerising Duppata Draping Styles For Your Ethnic Wear Salwars

Dupattas play an integral part in your outfit on special occasions. It adds grandeur to your outfits. Impress your guests with rich-looking silk dupattas. Your dupatta draping style can make you look even more stunning. Here are some interesting dupatta draping styles for your ethnic wear.
Modern Single dupatta Style: Pin your silk dupatta on the head and bring the other end to cover your arms. This looks lovely and shows off your heavily worked salwar.
Elegant Single Dupatta Drape: Drape your silk tencel dupatta to cover your head and chest. Add a traditional touch to your salwar in this unique draping style.
Gypsy dupatta style: Pin your zari cotton silk dupatta neat on your head and wrist. This makes it easy to manage your zari dupatta on occasion.
Pretty Single Dupatta Style: This breezy single dupatta style is well-pleated in the front and tucked in the back for a pretty look. This draping style suits the best for embroidered dupattas. The embroidery design on the dupatta adds a statement of beauty to your outfit.
Classy and Traditional Dupatta Style: This draping style makes your salwar looks classy. Pin one side of your kota doria dupatta on your head and the other end on your shoulder for a neat look.
Cape Style Dupatta: This creative styling would be a favourite of all. Drape your alluring silk cotton dupatta around your shoulder and make it look like a cape.
Layered Styling Dupattas: Enhance the look of your traditional wear salwars with this layered styling. Layer the chanderi cotton dupatta around your shoulders.
Saree-Like Dupatta Styling: Look gorgeous in a pleated dupatta in a saree style. Drape your dobby printed dupatta on your head for a graceful look. The falling pallu of the dobby dupatta gives a stunning look. Make sure to pin it right.
Flared Pleated style: For a rich traditional look, pleat your chanderi dupatta on your shoulder and flair it in the front. The flaring style makes you look rich.
Style with a belt for a twist: This is an unusual dupatta style. Blend contemporary and traditional styles in this type of dupatta styling. Secure your pleated dupatta with a belt. Use a striped silk tencel dupatta in this style for a modern look.

There are countless ways to style a dupatta. There is something for everyone, whether classic or modern. It may be worn as a stylish accessory that adds colour and texture to any ensemble, whether you drape it over your shoulders or wrap it around your waist. You may create spectacular appearances that will draw attention by choosing the ideal colours and fabrics. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to have fun when playing with various dupatta styling options!

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