DIY Methods For Rat Pest Control!

DIY Methods For Rat Pest Control!
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Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

The presence of rats in your home can be extremely problematic. Although they may look like cute little furry beings and you may think they can’t affect you, they reproduce faster and they move around very swiftly. Trapping them is almost next to impossible rat pest control.

Not only can rats cause serious damage to your house but they also carry various diseases and may be extremely harmful to you and your family. Precision Pest Control uses proven techniques matching the latest innovations in pest inspection and control technology. They provide professional services and solutions when it comes to rat pest control

Tips To Keep Your Abode Pest Free

The foremost thing would be to identify correctly if you are dealing with rats or mice. Most people cannot differentiate. They easily contaminate the food that comes in contact and they are also very irritating and produce spooky vibes with their squealing noise. 

There are majorly two treatment options available when it comes to rats either poisoning them or trapping them. I personally don’t think they should be killed just for residing on your property, you can trick them and trap them and leave them somewhere else. 

Here are some methods for rat pest control without using harmful chemicals:

Peppermint or mint aromas

Rats cannot stand the aroma of peppermint or mint. So planting a mint plant in your house or outside is one of the best cost-effective methods to keep out rats from your house. If growing mint isn’t possible for you, you can also spread peppermint oil around your house soaked in cotton balls and keep them in different corners of your house. 

Trapping or Baiting 

This technique is only proven efficient if the rat population is less, trapping has more advantages than baiting as it produces quick results. All you have to do is to evaluate the areas they may visit and keep a trap there or a small cage in order to catch them. Baiting is a little extreme but needs to be done when the rat population is huge.

Activate your cat assistance

It’s time to push your lazy pet to show some productivity. Cats enjoy the challenge of finding a rat and trapping them. Other than being cute cats are also remorseless ray killers and in case you are wondering you don’t need a trained cat any local cat would do. You should think of cats as a permanent pet choice if rats are a regular issue for you.

Peanut Butter or Cheese

This is a very simple technique: just add half a cup of boric acid with peanut butter or cheese and make them into smaller balls and keep it in places that you think maybe infected. The smell will draw the rats out and these balls will do their course.

Sound Devices

High-frequency sound devices have also acted very efficiently, rats cannot stand the sound at all and run away and it is not audible by people so you are safe. 


In case you detect a high-intensity situation you might want to connect with a professional and act quickly as it wouldn’t take much time to spread. For minimal rats, the above methods should suffice.

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