Do You Need A Premium Quality Surfboard In Your Quiver?


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A quiver full of thrusters is a thing of the past. For this reason, an increasing number of contemporary surfers of channel islands surfboard are starting to enhance their quivers so they have a board for just about any circumstance. Having access to a variety of boards, from fish to soft top to groveler and more, can assist you surf any time of year, regardless of the waves. The amazing thing is that today’s surfboard design is at an all-time high. Despite being fantastic, it can make creating your quiver challenging. We have some recommendations on some boards that we believe no quiver should be without, regardless of whether you are looking to get one more board to compliment your workhorse or aim to expand to your already extensive collection.

Fish Surfboard 

One of the most popular channel islands surfboards for conditions when a thruster wouldn’t be appropriate is the fishsurfboard. Having a fish will let you make the most of bad days because of its wide build, excellent stubby body, and incredibly adaptable shape. The same speed of a longboard without all the added weight makes fish surfboards excellent for little waves. Due to the increased buoyancy provided by the extra volume, the board is significantly easier to paddle in confined spaces. In addition to the speed and paddling prowess, a thruster can also be used to accomplish some acrobatics and maneuvers.

There are many wonderful benefits to owning a soft-top surfboard. They are far more resilient than glassed boards, so there is no need to worry about dents or dings. In the water, they are much safer. If you’ve ever had your head bashed in by a surfboard’s sharp rails, you’ll understand. Soft-top surfboards come in a wide variety of styles, including longboards, short boards, grovelers, and more. Modern soft-top surfboards are fantastic because they don’t sacrifice performance the way older models did.

Mid length board

While a midlength board and a short board have many characteristics, the latter is significantly superior for simple surfing. The primary distinction that stands out right away is that a midlength (also known as a fun board) has a longboard-like circular, wide nose. Being able to ride without worrying about having your nose stuck in the water is much easier as a result. Similar to longboards, they are also far more buoyant, allowing you to hit longer lines because they can stay afloat much more readily. Despite that, they are still more maneuverable than short boards.

Groveler Surfboard 

The groveler surfboard is another excellent choice for waves that are moderately tiny but still have some strength. The groveler would be the one board that could rule them all in the world of little waves. Grovelers are roughly the same shape as short boards, but they incorporate features from other boards, such fish boards, to be able to perform well in these more restricted settings.

What Should You Check One Thing For When Buying A New Surfboard?

A surf quiver is meant to work similarly to a bag of golf clubs. You have a putter for tiny hits on the green and a driver for big hits from the beginning of the hole. Beyond that, everything in between is available. The best thing you can do when starting to construct your quiver is to purchase a board with a variety of uses. Try to evaluate the water quality at your neighborhood break before making a choice.

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