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As a homeowner, you may be concerned about rising energy costs and seeking a solution to stop them. You might have checked your air conditioning vents, turned off the lights after using them, and still have been unsuccessful in lowering your energy costs. You might want to consider getting double-glazed windows and doors for your house. The initial double glazing cost may seem like a major investment, but installing the newest glazed windows and doors offers numerous long-term advantages and savings. To create an insulated glass unit, double glazing requires two glass panes and a gas spacer (IGU). One of the most remarkable ways to cut energy use is to use this sealed, complete equipment to control the temperature within the house.

What makes it Worth the double glazing cost?

Because double glazing has higher up-front expenditures than single glazing, you will ultimately save money. The value of your property will rise thanks to double glazing, which even controls the temperature in your house and lowers your energy costs. uPVC windows are maintenance-free, salt-water, and UV resistant, and they last longer than single-glazed aluminium windows.

Since they are five times more energy efficient than single glazing, double glazed windows are excellent and combined with other renewable innovations like an Air Source Heat Pump the savings on energy bills can be even greater. This significant price differential can only be understood by homeowners (and those who pay their power bills!). Lack of airtight sealing, which allows hot or cold air to escape and prevents temperature regulation, is a major issue with single glazing.

IGUs made of two glass panes are far more durable and soundproof than single glazing. An IGU’s glass is exceptionally tough to break, and its multi-point locking system prevents intruders from breaking in from the outside. In an IGU, laminated glass is utilised so that, in the event of a break, the glass will adhere to the interlayer rather than destroy.

How much does double glazing cost?

The double glazing cost varies depending on the type, starting at about £150 per square meter and going up to £220 for low-emission glass. Double glazing costs between 30% and 40% more than single glazing for windows, depending on quality. Below are the price range of double glazed windows:

– Fixed windows can’t be opened or closed, so their only function is to brighten up your place. However, they are the easiest type of windows to install. One fixed window’s cost is around £150 – £300.

– Casement windows are installed with hinges on one side and can be opened outwards. The supply cost for a window of this type is between £250 – £400.

– Sliding windows are pricier than casement windows as they can save more space in your house. Each sliding window would cost around £450 – £1000.

– Sash windows are vertically sliding windows. You may need to pay £500 – £900 for each of them.

– Tilt and turn windows are the most flexible kind of windows as they can be opened fully like a casement window in an inward direction and can be tilted from the bottom to increase safety and ventilation for your room. This kind of window costs between £400 – £600.

How much money can you save with double glazing?

Although double glazing cost is higher than ordinary glazing, your new windows will pay for themselves over time and could reduce your energy usage and expenses by as much as 25%. With double glazing, the average home can save £200 to £300 per year, depending on things like:

– The number, size, and position of windows

– The design and orientation of your building

– The materials your home is made of

– Your climate


Windows with double glazing are made to boost insulation by up to 40%. The insulation and direct air contact between indoor and outdoor spaces are provided by the insulated sealed unit (IGU), which consists of two panes of glass, argon gas, and several tints and coatings. Double-glazed windows’ improved insulation reduces heat exchange by at least 50%. This implies that the warm air stays inside during the winter and stays outside during the summer as it should. In fact, double-glazed windows are safer than panes of glass. In double-glazed windows, the two panes of glass have interior beading for additional security, and the beading can be laminated or strengthened to restrict access. A single pane of glass cannot reduce noise pollution by as much as double-glazed windows can. This means that compared to previous single-pane windows, double-glazed windows can reduce noise levels by up to 80%.

Due to their beauty and protection of the building’s inside, double-glazed windows can increase property value. Any window that is exposed to direct sunlight will let in UV radiation. These damaging rays discolour carpets, age paint, and fade wallpaper in addition to causing damage to furniture. Double-glazed windows, which come with two panes of glass and specific coatings as standard, are able to block a lot of UV rays and prolong the life of the interior decorations. Despite having numerous parts, double glazed windows are easy to maintain. The two glass panes are tightly sealed to prevent dust and humidity from entering confined spaces. Additionally, the strong uPVC frames that surround the glass naturally withstand humidity, never rust, and require no painting.

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