Early Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai

Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Do you want to witness the most delightful morning ever? Well, embracing a new day in the golden landscape of Dubai is a blissful experience that can only be encountered upon being there. People who are in Dubai with a calculated time frame, opt for a morning tour of its desert safari in Dubai. It saves their time as well as opens up opportunities for them to witness heavenly views like never before.

Dubai has turned amazingly into a tourism ground due to its skyscrapers, hospitality, and precious tradition. Tourists love to explore its souks, skyrockets, shopping malls, beaches, and manmade adventure hubs. Of these captivating places, the majestic desert safari Dubai holds exclusive recognition. The conservation reserve lies in the southern region of the city. 

You’ll see the terrain brimming with outlandish activities, traditional aspects, and nature’s displays. Getting attracted to this, we, as a group, booked a morning desert safari in Dubai through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. Under the super satisfactory services of the firm, this is what we unwound in our desert safari.

Sunrise and Adventure Trip to the Dunes of Arabia

Pick up in a 4×4

So our tour to the desert began at 5 in the morning when the driver of Happy Adventures tourism arrived at our doorstep for a pickup. The whole ride was quite comfortable and we had a rush of excitement as much as the distance was becoming smaller. The drivers who provide a pickup for desert safari are highly skilled professionals. They are off-road license holders and trained on how to cope with an emergency. This is quite impressive!

Mesmerizing Views

The pristine dunes of Dubai seem in a high welcoming ambience when your first gaze meets them. Reaching there made us realize that opting for a morning desert safari was the best decision that we made. Soaking up in the breezes when dusk meets dawn is a rare thing one could encounter.

The scenic views of the dunes when they are bathed in the newly born sun rays are spellbinding. We and team Happy Adventures Tourism found that morning aurora quite picturesque in a desert safari. So after getting free of its occult, all of us were trying to take the best shots of the mesmerizing sunrise.

Camel Safari

An early morning desert safari in Dubai is completed when an explorer rides a camel. Camel riding seems normal in the city side, in theme parks, and the ocean gulf. But riding a camel in a desert is the true essence of being in a nomadic place. Camels are the symbol of the marshy lifestyle. 

This archaic region keeps millions of footsteps of these living carriers who are still keeping the legacy of the terrain. Arabs used to travel via camels in their nomadic era. This insight into ancient times can only be lived from over the camel’s hump. Also, you get to collect some epic memories when you are photographed riding a camel with your people.

Terrain Sports

Hitting the high dunes of Dubai in the morning aurora allows you to live the thrill without getting exhausted. As the terrain is not at ablaze in the morning. The terrain seems jamming with SUVs like quad bikes, hummers, jeep wranglers, dune buggies, and land cruisers. Dune bashing is a popular terrain sport among adventurists. To travel to the golden city of the UAE, most tourists go for the Delta Airlines Flight Booking options. Thrill-seekers from all around the globe reach out to this region in search of their thirst for the thrill. 

Rolling over the high dunes was an enthralling experience for us as well. The guides of Happy Adventures Tourism LLC were supervising us throughout the crazy terrain sports. That amazing ride in a Nissan patrol was an unforgettable experience and quite the hell of a ride!

Beautiful Camps

The camps pitched on the golden sand grab the attention from far distances. They offer an urge to go and absorb their cosy ambience. Those little resting houses are designed on the theme of the old Bedouin lifestyle. With the touch of modern living, those nomadic symbols are pegged on the surface of the sand ocean quite efficiently. 

The team of Happy Adventures Tourism escorted us to our camps after the insane sand adventures. The camps are provided with toiletries, separate toilets for men and women, and comfortable seatings. Not only the natural beauty of this place. but those beautifully pitched camps and their detailings are quite photogenic.

Breakfast Delight

After getting refreshed at the campsites, we were presented with an appetizing breakfast. The hospitality of the natives and team Happy Adventures Tourism was quite pleasing. Their welcoming gestures could be observed clearly when the delightful breakfast was presented in such a sophisticated manner.

There were refreshing soft drinks, mocktails, mineral water, and tea. Consuming all these drinks, we rejuvenated ourselves to an energetic extent. Then there was Arabian coffee served with dates which is the welcoming gesture of Arabs. How could one resist coffee with such a sweet combination of Arabian hospitality?

Arabian Tradition

Apart from the fascinating sand sports, myriad sightseeing, and lovely campsites, there is more to explore at the dunes of Dubai. The Arabian culture is presented in bright colours to the guests of the desert. There is a Henna painting going on at the campsite which is adored a lot by women and kids. Posing with the national birds after outfitting the traditional Kandura dress allows you to get entirely coloured in the culture of UAE.

Fall in wonder upon seeing the hunting method -Falconry, of ancient Arabs. All these cultural insights make your venture to the desert worth spending time and money on.


A desert safari in the early morning hours leaves lifelong impacts. As the place is flourished with the healing power of nature, aspects of a new culture, and lovely hospitality. Do prior research before heading out especially to such an arid region of Dubai. Your wearables must be lightweight and loosely fitted. Also, a pair of flip-flops would be super convenient on the submerging sand surface. Lastly, do not at any cost forget your camera home! 

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