Eaton Arrow Hart Connectors & Plugs

Eaton Arrow Hart Connectors

Last Updated on November 19, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Eaton Arrow Hart Connectors provides some of the best electrical safety and reliable connections possible for heavy power conduits and connection blocks. When your assembly line, manufacturing or production depends on reliable, consistent power connection leaving your system in the hands of a shoddy connection is the last thing your plant should be doing.

With power connections, plugs and locks produced with the Arrow Hart line, you can expect a performance that functions at hospital grade level in terms of reliance, connections that don’t corrode, and components that take an industrial beating without issue or burps. The handles on these connectors and plugs are also specifically designed for safety. They each have a scalloped design formed in the mold which allows gloved or bare hands to hold on without loss of handling. They are molded for an easy grip and reduced slip. They install without issue and easy speed every time, and function without question under even the toughest of conditions, including field and military applications.

Medical and Hospital Application

Medical facilities have to be able operate consistently without failure even when other electrical equipment and connections might fail. Aside from a power failure to the entire building, the equipment used literally holds someone’s life in its function at times. Arrow Hart connectors absolutely exceed the highest UL federal criteria as well as hospital facility grade evaluations. Medical facilities fully equipped with the latest models won’t have any worries about a connection failure, even when operating temporary facilities in the field. Whether stepped on by crews or run over by equipment or vehicles, Arrow Hart connectors remain dependable.

No Corrosion Worries

The problem with corrosion is that it ultimately destroys the critical connect capacity of the electrodes in the plug or connector. When those fail, so does the connection. Sometimes it can be momentary, barely noticed, but eventually it increases as the corrosion spreads. Arrow Hart connectors and plugs are specifically designed to resist corrosion before it sets in. They are also resistance to other contaminants as well that can bind with cheaper metals and materials. That produces a consistent reliability that performs even under the hardest of power line conditions.

Application Ease

All of the Arrow Hart connectors and plugs have a spacious cavity for attachment to power cables and solid binding. There’re no worries about trying to work in a pinched shallow cavity and not being sure the wiring actually attached to the plug end or not. Inside, tri-combo terminal screws are used making the tightness of the collection complete and trustworthy. When complete, an installer can see through the clear cover of the terminal to confirm all the wiring is in place and solidly bound.

There’s no need to settle for less when it comes to powering your equipment and capital systems. With Arrow Hart Plugs in place and your old connectors swapped out and upgraded, you’re going to have the best of Eaton’s electrical end points for all your power lines. And that is a great peace of mind to have when it comes to your equipment’s reliability.

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