Tips to choose M8 connector

M8 connector
M8 connector

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Industrial connectors came in form for a reason to ease the industrial and production processes. Before the development of connectors, sensors, actuators, and plugs had long wires that the consumers thread with conduits before wiring them. 

Industrial connectors have made this lengthy and costly process qualitative, cheap, and less time-consuming. It doesn’t require excessive labor force for connection or other expenses. The connectors are easy to install, manage, and operate for everyone. 

M5 connector cable,M8 connectors are also one of the types of industrial connectors that are presently intensively in the industrial market due to their compatibility with severe environments. It comes in different forms and sizes and with different features that confuse the users in selecting the right one. 

Let’s guide you with a few tips for selecting M8 connectors that suit your needs. 

M8 connectors 

M8 connectors are a set of plugs and sockets that connects the sensors and actuators with the system for accuracy. It enables the consumers to process rapidly, cost-effectively, and peacefully without worrying about quality assurance. 

Consumers use industrial connectors to protect the outdoor-based system from weather and resisting challenges. These are also used to fasten the process at longer distances without compromising the quality and accuracy of the transmitted signals and extracted data. 

Aspects to consider when buying M8 connectors: 

1. Environmental conditions and their requirements 

Before buying M8 connectors, it is vital to check the harshness of the environment your machinery is prone to. Environmental conditions call for different cable jackets and protection. So, the choice of M8 connectors also varies. For instance, IP65 and IP67 are suitable for harsher conditions, while IP68 and IP69 ratings are compatible with the harshest environmental conditions. PVC cable material is appropriate for slightly harsh environments, and PUR and TPE are for difficult atmospheric situations. 

2. Pin-counts and angle configuration 

M8 connectors provide pin counts of up to 8 pins. It has three versions, providing 3, 4, and 8 connections separately. Moreover, M8 connectors offer two angled options: straight 180-degree and 90-degree angles. Confirm the system’s required pin and angle configuration before getting your hands on any M8 connectors. 

3. Connection and IP grading type

M8 connectors have IP67 and IP65 grading to ensure resistance against oil, liquid, and airborne particles. It also differs in connection types as it offers a screwed and snapped electrical connection. You have to ensure what connection and IP rating you need when buying M8 connectors. 

4. Cable material and code 

M8 connectors also vary in cable material and offer different codes decoding specific features. Such as, B-code implies PROFIBUS that enables Fieldbus signal transmission. This coding minimizes the errors regarding wiring. The consumers can also go for either PVC-made cables or PUR, whatever they prefer. 

Importance of selecting the right M8 connectors:  

The appropriate M8 connectors, if selected appropriately, can reduce the vulnerabilities and inconveniences regarding wiring, weather, installation, or connection. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the industrial needs thoroughly before selecting M8 connectors. It will ease the process of selection also. The pin holes, wiring type, material, and weather conditions should be checked the foremost for optimum results. 

M8 Connector: Small yet Versatile

M8 connectors, also known as micro connectors, are compact and robust electrical connectors widely used in various industries, including automation, automotive, and sensor technology. These connectors consist of a circular plug and socket that are easy to install, and maintain and provide reliable data and power transmission.

M8 connectors are popular due to their small size, making them ideal for use in applications with limited space. They can handle up to 4 contacts, and their contacts can be arranged in a straight or angled configuration, depending on the specific application requirements. M8 connectors are also available in different versions, including shielded and unshielded, making them suitable for use in harsh environments with electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI).

One significant advantage of M8 connectors is their versatility. They can transmit data, power, and signals and can be used for various applications, including sensors, actuators, motors, and industrial Ethernet. They can also be used for both AC and DC applications, and their rated voltage and current can range from 30V to 60V and 2A to 4A, respectively.


M8 connectors are designed to ease the process of installation and connection and maximize profit in the industrial and production sectors. Yet, there are various types of M8 connectors concerning the diverse machinery, atmospheric conditions, and electrical and mechanical errors. 

Selecting suitable connectors can maximize the benefits of M8 connectors. This article highlights that the consumers should check the pin and angled configuration of the connector, if it provides the required connections. Next comes the turn for IP rating and cable material. 

These are the key aspects that need to be considered before buying M8 connectors. It is also useful in changing the sensors, plugs, or actuators during the process if they aren’t suitable by simply disconnecting the required part.

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