Who Is The Baddest Female In Anime?


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One frequently asked question in the Anime world is, “Who is the baddest female in anime?” Some people find it challenging to interact with “badasses,” or those they perceive to be difficult, unyielding, or stubborn. Some of them might even be reckless hotheads. 

From a different vantage point, badasses make excellent trendsetters in unconventional thought, wearing their individuality like a badge of honor that the rest of us can only aspire to. Anime features many strong female protagonists, from rebel warriors striving for justice to everyday people with lofty goals. Apart from these best females, we also compiled the list of the strongest anime characters (both female and male) here.

#1. Who Is The Best Female In Anime?

Major Motoko Kusanagi In ‘Ghost in the Shell’

While the neo-noir cyberpunk film concentrates more on philosophical issues and possesses a serious tone, the anime TV series closely follows its original manga materials, foregrounding the Major’s sense of humor and her working dynamics with the all-male Public Security Section 9 crew.

Haruko Haruhara In ‘FLCL’

FLCL (known as Fooly Cooly in English) is a cult classic anime series about a boy, Naota, and his struggles dealing with the abrupt baggage of adulthood. He first meets Haruko when the latter knocks him over with her Vespa and beats him with her bass on his head. Sounds excessive, but Haruko’s just getting started on her rebellious pranks.

The father of Naota’s friend, Haruko, hires her as a maid despite Haruko’s true identity as an extraterrestrial investigator with the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood. As the series provides more insight into Naota’s challenges with growing up, Haruko’s dynamic and spontaneous personality, which allows her to bounce between different dispositions, can be considered comparable to the unpredictability of life itself.

Teresa In ‘Claymore’

The adventures of Clare, a ClaymoreIna mix between humans and shapeshifting demons called YomaIntake place in a world dominated by Yoma. Even though Clare has her share of rebellious moments throughout the series, Teresa manages to make a lasting impact despite having a smaller role.

Teresa is a mentor to Clare, helping her develop into a powerful Claymore, a role she plays in both the manga and the show. However, that’s not how she obtained her nickname, “Teresa Of The Faint Smile.” Her eponymous moniker comes from the way she casually destroys her foes while wearing a small smile on her face.

Maki Zenin In ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’

Growing up as a family outsider, Maki Zenin is born without any sorcery powers in the Zenin Family, one of the Big Three Sorcerer Families in Jujutsu Kaisen. She is brave enough to become banished from her family and is determined to be one of the best sorcerers without innate powers.

Maki inspires her fellow freshmen because she has a strong will and goes out of her way to serve others. She strives to outdo the standards set by her magic family with her formidable fighting abilities. She stops a speeding bullet in its tracks by catching it with her bare hands.

NANA In ‘Nana Osaki’

An old proverb goes: “what you wear defines who you are.” Nana Osaki, the lead singer of the rock band the Black Stones, channels her inner Vivienne Westwood and the Sex Pistols with a harsh gothic punk appearance that not only hints at her unconventional character but also stands out.

Meeting the vibrant and passionate Nana Komatsu on the train sets the stage for the josei music anime’s slow unveiling of Osaki’s warm heart and her promise to always have a soft spot for her friends and lover, despite her frosty exterior.

Seras Victoria In ‘Hellsing Ultimate’

Fans of the Hellsing franchise know Seras Victoria, also known as “Police Girl,” as the girl mortally wounded by a gun before being transformed into a full-fledged vampire by Alucard, the most feared and powerful vampire in the series. The latter acts as a guide for Seras, showing her the ropes of vampire hunting and helping her realize her full potential as a bloodsucker.

Her horrible history does not weaken her moral integrity and resolve to live. Seras is more mature than most people twice her age since she accepts both her human and monstrous sides. She has helped Alucard several times without losing her humanity.

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