5 Principles for Effective Digital Marketing in the COVID-19 Era

5 Principles for Effective Digital Marketing in the COVID-19 Era
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Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Saira Farman

Even under normal circumstances, digital marketing is fluid. It is more fluid in the COVID-19 age because of the constantly changing parameters imposed upon it by the government, the economy, and the virus itself. Digital marketing must, at least temporarily, be aware of the COVID-19 realities that people are facing.

This article discusses five principles for effective digital marketing in the COVID-19 era. These principles are applicable to all digital marketing, but they are more relevant to professional organizations. These principles are particularly applicable to digital marketing for lawyers or healthcare providers.

Continually update

Digital marketing is built on websites and social media channels. Digital marketing’s core purpose is to convert casual visitors into active participants by driving customers to the website. ACG Digital Marketing recommends that you keep your online presence updated.

To keep the COVID-19 information current, a website should be regularly updated by an organization. To remind people on social media that the organization follows COVID-19 guidelines, they should be regularly updating them. This is all to let potential customers know that the company isn’t ignoring current realities.

Be careful with Automation

People prefer to deal with people rather than machines during times of stress. This is a warning sign that automated technologies should be used with caution. Chatbots are a great way to streamline digital communications but they can also be impersonal.

It is important for people to feel comfortable speaking with real people, whether they call a law office or make an appointment for healthcare. For the moment, organizations would be wise to limit visitors’ exposure to automated technology.

Avoid Selling

ACG Digital Marketing suggests that you refrain from selling at this time. We are all on edge from the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is important that organizations do not continue to push hard in a time of uncertainty. 

Follow the Facts

Marketing has been a discipline that pushes the boundaries of truthfulness and transparency. Marketing professionals are skilled at navigating the boundaries of truth and transparency without ever crossing them. They are able to exaggerate things without actually straying from the truth. In such situations, it is not necessary to go further. It is better to just stick with the facts.

Digital marketing is especially important for lawyers and other healthcare professionals. Instead of using digital marketing to pick sides in a contentious debate, marketers should focus on the facts and how they relate to the products or services they market.

Marketers should not use their work to promote an agenda. They or their clients do not have to tell people what to think. Let consumers decide. Simply give the facts. It is best to be neutral and keep everyone on your side.

Keep your Head Together

Marketers are just like everyone else in that they can panic if they don’t actively try to keep their heads straight. Digital marketers should resist the urge to panic. Panic can lead to poor decisions and unfavourable consequences.

If you aren’t taking aggressive steps to sell, don’t assume your clients or company will fail. Don’t make assumptions that your marketing efforts will not pay off, even if they do. Instead, create a thoughtful but well-thought-out marketing strategy that you can use to move forward. Keep going with each campaign.

It is clear that the COVID-19 crises have weighed on just about everything. Digital marketing is affected as much as any other business. It is important to learn to adapt to it. COVID-19 shouldn’t be a hindrance to your marketing efforts. Instead, you should adopt to ensure that you have control. Even in difficult times, clients can still benefit from digital marketing.

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