Engagement Ring Rules and When to Break Them

Engagement Ring Rules and When to Break Them

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

An engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry, it symbolizes the true commitment and love between two people. As they say, diamonds are forever!  You may have heard that engagement rings should always have diamonds, or only be gold.  Is this really true?  

Whether your proposal is a surprise, or you and your partner are planning your purchase together, shopping for an engagement ring is an important purchase.  Ring shopping (and getting engaged) is exciting, but you may also have questions.

The question is asked often which engagement rings are the most popular, or what engagement rings are most in style.  Engagement ring trends tend to change every ten years, so you want to be careful about following the current styles. The solution is to ignore engagement ring trends and choose a timeless design that suits the style of your loved one.  Do they like simple and elegant styles, or flashy and flamboyant?  

Currently, simple and minimalist ring designs are the most popular, but the most important consideration should always be the opinion of the wearer.

Can Engagement Rings have Colored Stones?

Traditionally, engagement rings contain diamonds and are made from gold or platinum.  Having said that, there are no “rules” when it comes to a ring that symbolizes your love and special connection.  For example, if your fiancée loves blue sapphires and has always wanted a ring with blue and diamond stones, a sapphire ring can be a more meaningful way to celebrate your union.

Can Engagement Rings be Resized?

Of course, you are wishing for that picture-perfect proposal.  The one where they say yes, and the ring fits perfectly.  However, in reality, if the ring is a surprise, it doesn’t always fit like in a fairytale.  

As well, our hands and fingers change over time.  Engagement rings are often cherished keepsakes that are passed down through generations. If you would like the ring to fit as well in the future as it does on your special day, it is important to choose a style that can be resized. 

The material of the ring is the most important factor in resizing.  For instance, standard gold, silver, and platinum rings can often be resized, although special tools and knowledge are needed.  White gold rings can be resized, but they may be a bit more expensive. There are also some materials, such as Tungsten, that simply can not be resized. 

The style of the ring also plays a role.  If the ring contains inlaid stones or a pattern that goes all the way around the band, it can make the ring more difficult, and sometimes impossible to size.

In summary, it is usually better to buy an engagement ring that can be resized and the easiest way to do that is to check with the jeweler before you make the purchase. 

Do I need to buy matching Engagement and Wedding Rings?

It is certainly easier to buy matching engagement and wedding rings as they are already designed to be worn together.  If you are planning on buying an engagement ring and wedding ring from separate sets, or to match a family ring that you already own, consider whether they will be comfortable and attractive when they are fit together. 

Does the Ring have a Guarantee?

The average amount spent on an engagement ring can be compared to buying an affordable car.  You insure your car, and likewise, you may want to consider insuring your engagement ring.  In many instances, your jeweler may offer or have suggestions on how to properly protect and ensure your investment. 


As a physical symbol of the strong bond between you and your loved one, an engagement ring is an important purchase.  Only you can decide if following the “engagement ring” rules is right for you. With some forethought and consideration, your engagement ring can become not only a representation of the love you share but a cherished keepsake for generations to come.