What to Look before Buying Screen Printing Machines for Small Business

What to Look before Buying Screen Printing Machines for Small Business

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Decided to start a small screen printing business? But still you can’t choose the best t-shirt printing machine for small business for yourself? You’re probably looking for the best screen printing machine for small businesses to get high-quality products and be ahead of the competitors in the market.

It is really hard and tough to choose a screen printing machine from different brands and huge models. But, you may pick up the best printing machine for your small business from various models if you follow a well resourceful guide. Here, we are going to share with you the most effective and informative buying guide about a screen printing machine for small businesses.

What Should You Look For Before Buying a Screen Printing Machine?

Before buying a screen printing machine for a small business, you should look for some consideration to get a better result. We have all the reasons here to let you know what to buy and what not to buy for small businesses. So, you can follow the most important things and buyer trends, which are our team will be expressing below.


Screen printing cost is an important issue and it’ll be the first thing of all to consider before purchasing one machine. Many types of screen printing machines have been available on market at different prices. From them, choosing one within the budget and quality is a great challenge particularly for a new businessman. If you want to buy a screen printing machine with advanced options and provide high productivity then your budget should be high.

On the opposite hand, you may purchase a screen printer within mid-low prices, if you’re a start-up-level businessman. For start-up level business, you should have a budget within $100 to $150 and for higher-level business; your budget should be $300 and more. According to the necessity of your business, you can be selecting one.

Printer Color Handling Procedure:

There are different types of screen printing machine that has come with their new technology. Most of the printers are providing single or multiple color printing methods. The Superland 4 in 4, means 4 color 4 stations multitasking screen printing machine will offer of printing 4 colors simultaneously. Some latest screen printing machines will offer 4 to 8 colors and most of the modern printer brands are providing excellent output and multiple colors.  

Printer Durability:

Printer durability is another most important thing, that you should consider before purchasing a screen printing machine. Particularly, when you are going to invest a hefty sum in a printing machine and your printing business fully depends on it so you just need to check. What should do you need to check? You must need to check all-metal construction with advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating. The advanced electrostatic spray & electroplating will save your product from rust generation. Select a durable screen printing machine to get a high volume of work and must not need frequent repairs and maintenance.

Printing Versatility:

If you have to need the best quality printing on different materials like glass, fabric, or metal with a screen printing machine then your printer must have versatility. A lot of heat transfer materials and media has available for printing on another printer like sublimation. There are versatile screen printing machine has available you just need to choose to fulfill a business purpose. Different brands and models are available in the market among them you need to select one according to expert opinion. Some experts are recommended the Sunderland 4 color in 4 station screen printing machine.

Temperature Range:

The temperature range is one of the most important factors before making a purchasing decision. The temperature range totally depends on what types of materials do you want to print. If you are want to print on various products then your machine should have a great temperature range that can easily adjust to your needs.

Screen Printing Machine Size:

It is another most important thing, and you just need to consider before buying a new model screen printing machine. You should choose a printer which size is suited for your business requirement. Normally, the machine sizes depend on some factors like (1) the product that you want to print (2) space availability, and (3) portability. 

A proverb has gone, “the larger, the better” but As experts on screen printing machines, we know that, if you want a print on large items such as towels, bedsheets, and other big products then it will very tougher to move one to another. On r another hand, if you want to print only smaller products then a little machine would be a better choice for you and it will be very easy to move and use.

Performance of a Screen Printing Machine:

Normally a screen printing machine’s performance depends on several factors. We have researched and found that A well-optimized screen printing machine can be delivering the perfect, precise, and long lively output. It’s not an easy task to find out the best performance screen printing machine but not an impossible task. To get the best performance machine you can analyze the previous customer reviews and ratings from online purchasing platforms. To grow the screen printing business, you must need a printer that can provide high productivity, maintaining consistency with quality print. 

Print Volume:

The print volume is one of the major things to consider before buying a screen printing machine. As beginners and mid-level business purposes don’t need a high volume of print. But for the pro-level business, you just need to select a machine that can take an additional workload from different clients on various occasions.

Final Thoughts:

Keep in mind that, when you want to buy a screen printing machine you should follow your business demands and decide on a decent budget. Sometimes need some extra money to get a quality product never hesitation to buy a good printer. For a small business, use doesn’t need a big budget to buy a screen printing machine. If you read attentively all the above-mentioned considerations then you pick the best screen printing machine for small businesses