Lighting Up Your Creativity: 6 LED Crafts for Adults

Lighting Up Your Creativity: 6 LED Crafts for Adults

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Finding a fun craft makes free time more enjoyable, especially if you’re locked in quarantine or otherwise staying indoors for the foreseeable future. The buzz surrounding quarantine hobbies has shed light on new-and-improved ways to spend lump sums of freetime. 

LED-based crafts or crafts that involve light-emitting diode lighting are but one example of a niche hobby stealing the spotlight. These lights have surged in-home usage popularity for their superior efficiency compared to their incandescent cousins, but they’re also making waves in the craft world for their multitudinous uses. 

With LED craft projects, you can use light strips, individual lights, battery-operated lights, or any other configuration that your imagination can cook up. LED lights are attractive to crafters for their affordability and the long-lasting nature of their design. Most craft projects only take a few hours to assemble, so you won’t have to leave things lying around for several days. You can switch the lights on in a matter of hours and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a soft glow that lights your latest creations. 

You can make all of the projects by yourself, or you can work with your family or friends for a fun afternoon of LED crafting. If you’re ready to channel your inner lightning bug and crafter in one, here are six LED crafts to brighten your day. 

LED ceiling light

Light fixtures are expensive unless you make one yourself. An easy and affordable option is an LED ceiling light that looks like a crystal chandelier. 

For this project, you’ll need an LED string light in your favorite color along with a bunch of crystals. You’ll also need a ceiling lamp base in your choice of finish and a roll of sturdy electrical tape. With a 13-inch diameter lamp base, you’ll want thirty-five crystals and fifty LED lights. You will need a drill or an awl to punch holes in the lamp base. Hang your crystals around the base and string your lights along the inside for a gorgeous centerpiece to hang from your ceiling. 

Fun LED hula-hoop light

Another fun light fixture includes a hula-hoop and LEDs. You’ll also want some materials to cover the hula-hoop, like tulle, lace, or another lovely fabric. 

With a string of lights in your favorite color and a hot glue gun, you can have a beautiful fixture with an element of fantasy. With battery-operated LEDs, you won’t have to worry about unsightly electrical cords. 

You can also add fringe, pompoms, or other hanging items from the hula-hoop for added styling. The string lights can wrap around the hula-hoop, and you can add some that hang down from the hoop. 

Light up your wall hangings

Signs with fun quotes and individual words are hot items at home decor stores. You can make your own with LED lights so that you can customize your space’s look with any quotations that make you feel at home. 

The main element you need for this project is an artist’s canvas in a size that fits your wall space. You also want paint, glitter, or another finish to cover the canvas. Next, you’ll want duct tape, a craft knife, battery-operated LED lights, and a brush to apply the paint or glitter glue. 

Once you’ve covered the canvas in your choice of color or glitter, the next step is to use the craft knife to poke holes to create your word or quote. Then, place the LED lights on the back of the canvas and attach them with duct tape. 

If you want to improve the appearance of the canvas, you can add fabric to the back to cover the LED lights and the duct tape. You could attach the fabric with hot glue or a staple gun. Just remember to tuck the frayed edges under so they don’t stick out from the sides of the canvas. 

Light up the outside with tin can lanterns

Another fun and easy LED craft is the tin can lantern. You can use these to light a sidewalk for a seasonal celebration, or you can use them to decorate a patio area. You can also add a handle to hang them from trees or fences. 

You’ll need individual LED lights for this craft, like the battery-powered tea lights or small strings that fit in tin cans. You will also need empty tin cans, a hammer, a nail, baling wires, and pliers. You’ll use the hammer and nail to poke decorative holes in the cans so the lights can shine through. 

If you want to add handles, you need to put two opposite holes near the opening in the can. Then, wrap the baling wire through the holes and create a handle. You can also customize the can by painting it, covering it in glitter, or wrapping it in weather-resistant fabric. 

Easy centerpieces

If you’re planning a party, you can make easy centerpieces with LED lights, candleholders or canning jars, and rocks or sand. You can customize this craft by choosing decorative LED lights shaped like snowflakes, hearts, pumpkins, or other styles. 

The first step is to fill half of the jar with decorative rocks or colored sand that coordinates with the LED lights you’ve selected. Then, put the LED atop the stones or sand. Close up the canning jar or add more sand or rocks, and voila–you’ve got a decorative centerpiece. 

Tulle and lights

Whether you want a curtain or a decorative headboard, a combination of tulle and lights will do it. For this craft, you’ll need white LED string lights, several yards of glittery tulle, rubber bands, and scissors. 

Cut the tulle into eight-inch squares, then use the rubber bands to attach it to the lights. Then, put the lights and tulle anywhere you want a fairy-like touch. 

Wrap up

LED lights offer versatility and style to several craft projects. With a bit of innovation and a hot glue gun, you’ll have hours of fun crafting time.