Here’s How to Ensure the Safety of Your Staff and Machinery

Here's How to Ensure the Safety of Your Staff and Machinery

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Since machineries benefit various workplaces and help with complicated tasks, companies prefer to use machinery to reduce dependence on manual labour and to make processes more efficient. Nevertheless, heavy machinery is still dangerous without proper training. If not operated properly, it could lead to accidents, injuries, and even death.

7 Machine Handling Tips for Safety

As machinery can harm you and your staff, here are some machine-handling tips to reduce unwanted accidents:

Machine guards are for your safety

Machine guards are necessary to protect a machine operator from accidents. It acts as a barrier for falling debris, sharp edges, and even sudden breakage of a part flying out from a piece of equipment. Attachments such as a counterbalance lift truck rear guard from Toronto will act as a bumper for situations when lift trucks back up too much.

Another example is a fixed guard that works like a barrier so workers cannot get their arms caught on high rpm belts. Accidents mainly occur because of workers bypassing machine guards to access the machines. Fatal mistakes such as these will be avoided with strict reminders or signage. You can also install movement sensors that will trigger an alarm when workers bypass restricted areas.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary

As machine guards are a plus, workers must also wear PPEs while working with heavy machinery. Furthermore, choosing the right PPE is essential for a worker. For example – when a worker operates anything with sharp edges, cut-resistant gloves are needed for the job. Wearing non-working clothes while surrounded by heavy machinery is dangerous. Though comfortable, such clothes do not offer the required protection.

Proper safety training 

Before handling heavy machinery, training is a must for assigned machine operators. As machines have different safety features, safety training can equip workers with enough experience in proper handling. You can schedule safety training by London experts.

Even better, you can hire a safety officer to guide your employees regularly. Allow the trainer to run tests and assess the worker’s skills before putting them on the field. Also, ensure the safety of workers by strictly prohibiting employees without formal training from operating the machine.

Teach machine operators to become aware of their immediate surroundings

Awareness is essential for your safety, in or out of the workplace. With workers operating heavy machinery, anything that may hinder their reaction time is always a risk. Distractions such as leisurely talking to other workers, eating in-between work hours, and answering phones are red flags while operating heavy machinery. To ensure safety, do non-work activities only during breaks.
Additionally, when machine operators are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or possibly taking prescription medicine that may interfere with clarity, letting them operate machinery will result in fatal accidents. To avoid such situations, regularly check an operator’s health status before permitting them to operate.

Observe maintenance schedules

Maintenance schedules keep the machinery running at its best. Even when nothing seems wrong, checking the machine regularly is still important. Skipping servicing at first might seem time-saving, but issues like overheating, broken gear, and belt jams are bound to occur later.

Don’t block loading and unloading zones

Machines may be reliable, but unexpected situations do occur. Even when everything seems under control, a few seconds is all it takes for things to go wrong. A good practice for safety around heavy machinery is to clear a path for the machine’s loading and unloading zones. Instruct employees to mark forklift paths using bright tape to get into the habit of staying away from those areas while walking around the factory.

Steer away from active/moving machinery

Staying away from active machinery unless you are the machine operator is necessary for safety. As it takes constant focus and precision to operate machines, distractions can make it dangerous to everyone near the machinery. 
Common workplace injuries happen due to carelessness and having the right tips can save you the hassle of injuries or death.

Not only will you get better working conditions, but it will also better the morale of employees who see and feel a safe working space. In situations where your employees are involved in an accident, you can always recommend them a personal injury lawyer from Burlington to help guide them with legal matters. Doing so will let them feel that their welfare is your primary concern.

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