Why Everyone Should Learn Basic First Aid Training

Why Everyone Should Learn Basic First Aid Training

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Disasters can come at any time, probably when people least expect it and human beings, being as vulnerable as they are, are always prone to such dangers. People are often unaware of the many dangers surrounding them, and in case such a disaster was able to strike, able-bodied individuals are always needed to take the lead. This is why a first aid course is recommended for everyone so that they can be better prepared in such critical situations. Australian government even encourages the administration of first aid in case of an emergency or at least till the paramedics arrive. That minimum effort can be a huge difference between the victim’s life and death.

Unfortunately, Australia has one of the lowest rates of people having first aid knowledge. Studies have shown that only 5% of Australians have the proper training regarding first aid. This is not good at all and the only way to change that is to increase awareness on how first aids are useful.

People give all sorts of reasons to skip any first aid course with comments ranging from “too busy” to “don’t expect such accidents to happen”. But having a basic knowledge and initial training regarding first aid will always be beneficial and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Always Keeps The Learner On High Alert: Proper first aid training allows the learners to skillfully identify any threats or dangers present in the environment. It can happen either consciously or subconsciously and puts the mindset of the learner to a “ready for action” stance all the time. Thus mentality helps the person to quickly spring into action in case the worst happens.
  1. Helps Save Precious Lives: Immediate action done by the person can save lives. Although it is an instinct for any person to rush to the aid of a fallen or injured individual, a trained learner will be more careful and adept in knowing what to do and how to do it cautiously. They will be in control and will always be cautious and will not be reckless in their actions.
  1. Helps Improve Safety: The very aim of first aid lessons is to “prevent” any danger before happening. A popular and true saying is ‘prevention is better than cure’. People will have a sense of safety in the community and will be on alert all the time. More mental awareness of the surroundings will help the person reduce the risks of any accidents.
  1. Helps Promote Security: People who have learned first aid will act more confident and secure among other individuals. This helps the rest of the people feel more secure in the surroundings. The sense of being secure imparts a feeling of relaxation and confidence that will reassure other people.
  1. First Aid Will Prevent The Situation From Getting Worse: People who are properly trained in first aid can help do basic functioning to prevent the injury of the victim from getting worse. In that short period, till the medics arrive, that effort can prevent a temporary disability from becoming permanent. First aid learners can also help people who are suffering from a lesser intensity of an issue like burns or sprains and can prevent unnecessary calls to the paramedics.

Proper knowledge and training regarding first aid will always promote a healthy well being to the individual and also the people around them. Avid learners are not only helpful but will be confident enough to reassure the victim or individuals they come across. Learning proper first aid is the next best step to becoming a responsible citizen of the country.

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