Exotic Rentals: Be the “Monk Who Drove The Ferrari”!

Exotic Rentals: Be the “Monk Who Drove The Ferrari”!

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They are sleek and sexy and just the perfect thing to have on the streets of upscale New York and Manhattan.

Ferrari! And you just can’t have enough of this car!

This Italian beauty-on-wheels is available for rent through one of the most prestigious exotic rentals in the city. So if you are in New York and looking to pamper yourselves, begin with renting a breathtaking Ferrari 488 GTB model. This 661 horsepower with its 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine promises to roar on the road, making your trip an unforgettable one.

If “exotic” is your buzzword with respect to cars, then Ferrari is the best choice for you. Its plush interiors and high speeds will take your breath away, literally! Well, we don’t want you to violate traffic rules and get a ticket for speeding, but yes, driving around in a Ferrari is one of those “aha” moments of life.

The intriguing logo of Ferrari

The “Prancing Horse” logo is a tribute to Francesco Baracca, a flying ace of World War I, who died in action in 1918.

The color of action and ferocity

Most of the Ferrari cars, about 45 percent of them, are red in color. This is the traditional color for racing cars. It suits well with Ferrari cars, as they are “the fast and the furious” and stand out in the crowd, no doubt.

However, Ferrari cars are also available in black, blue, bright yellow, and silver. These are some of the most sought-after colors, after red. The company has introduced white recently in their collection. Apart from this, you can find 30 more colors!

How to rent a Ferrari?

It’s simple. You first contact a prestigious exotic car rental in Islandia, NY. They possess an upgraded fleet of cars, which are well-maintained and hygienic. You must produce a valid driver’s license to rent a car in the city. Apart from being 21 years of age, you must also have a matching and valid insurance policy and a credit card.

With these things in place, renting a Ferrari becomes as easy as baking a pie.

Why do you need to be above 21 to rent a car?

Well, you can rent a Ferrari 488 if you are below 21 years of age, but this would attract an inexperienced driver charge. This charge varies with the vehicle you rent. You must pay the charge despite producing a valid driver’s license and other required documents. This is as per state law.

So, if you are below 21, wait till you reach the required age. If you cannot wait to be in an exotic car like Ferrari, then bring along a friend or family member who is above 21. He or she will rent the car for you.

In case you can do neither, then simply pay the extra charge and drive off in a cool Ferrari after making the other necessary payments!

It’s an experience to drive a Ferrari. Renting this Italian supercar is so easy, you just can’t afford to miss this beautiful opportunity to zoom across the streets of New York and create golden memories forever. Search for an “exotic car rental near me” today.


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