Top Fire Safety Brands in the Nordic Region

Top Fire Safety Brands in the Nordic Region

Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Fire protection measures are vital to ensure your premises can support a safe living or working condition. These strategies generally involve adding fire safety equipment in your spaces, such as fire extinguishers, emergency exit lights, and alarm systems. Laws in different countries worldwide demand levels of fire protection in residential and commercial buildings.

The Nordic region also has regulations for enhanced fire safety in various premises. Hence, the area also has several companies offering fire protection services, ranging from product supplies to maintenance.

Even though these brands share the same core function of improving protection against fires, they have differences in the service deliveries to suit different client requirements. Their availability in Scandinavian areas and their global distributors means you can find the fire protection provider that best suits your preferences.  

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Firesafe is a Norwegian supplier company delivering fire protection services to save lives and maintain safer living and working conditions. The company provides advice, control, execution, and product sales to facilitate total customer service in fire safety. Its selection of protective equipment and services cater to established and new buildings to meet various clients’ needs and demands. Firesafe values professionalism, competency, and commitment, with experienced personnel to give quality services and establish security and lasting value for clients, employees, and society.

It also recently took over Techlink, a Sandefjord company that provides construction, installation, and management of fire alarms and control systems. This move helps Firesafe strengthen its fire alarms since it gets a lot of expertise, experience, and good customer relations. The company also expanded its reach into Finland via the acquisition of the Finnish enterprise Palokatkoassat Oy. Firesafe aims to focus on passive fire protection and help the brand establish itself as a total supplier in fire protection in Finland.


A reliable company offering fire safety products and maintenance you can find in the Nordic area is NOHA. The Norwegian brand is a leading supplier of fire safety solutions to industry sectors and commercial buildings. Their wide selection of fire safety products suits different areas, such as marine and shipping, energy, data and telecom, logistics, education, government, and health sectors.

NOHA includes digital planning and reporting in its management system to help deliver better maintenance services on fire safety equipment. The company also supports a national network via the business partners and service technicians on the go all over the country, with offices in Oslo, Rogaland, and Trondheim. Their accessibility lets you access the brand’s services wherever you are in Norway for enhanced convenience. NOHA also has an extensive network of distributors to make their products available globally.

Nordic Flame

Nordic Flame in Sweden is Tradingbox AB’s subsidiary that designs and sells exclusive products in the Scandinavian region for use as home accessories, textiles, and kitchen items. These products incorporate an ergonomic construction to enhance fire safety. This unique design makes the brand products popular since they enable you to keep your premises safe without compromising style.

Nordic Flame’s products include an entire series of exclusively constructed fire blankets and fire extinguishers. They come in a beautiful and appealing look that merges style and function. For instance, unlike typical fire extinguishers that you store in a closet, you can openly display the lovely Nordic Flame one on a shelf or countertop. The placement enhances safety and convenience since you can readily reach it in emergencies.  


Honeywell is a Nordic company specializing in fire alarm and evacuation systems to enhance safety. It operates under various brand names in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. For instance, ESSER is a Honeywell brand providing custom-made solutions for professional fire protection. It has a 40-year history and uses modern technology to enhance safety via voice alarms, emergency lights, and smoke detectors.

Notifier is another Honeywell brand with over 50 years of experience, providing different fire alarm systems, such as addressable, wireless addressable, and conventional alarms. Notifier has trained and certified dealers to ensure you get quality services and maximum fire safety.

Fire safety is essential regardless of where you are. These brands in the Nordic region provide reliable services to help you improve your fire safety measures. Their services and products are suitable for multiple applications, enabling you to protect your professional buildings and homes from fire accidents. The availability of brands in other areas within Scandinavian countries also increases comfort and convenience when seeking to establish a long-term relationship.

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