Explore Batam: A Magnificent Ferry Experience


Last Updated on July 16, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Majestic Fast Ferry provides luxurious and convenient sea travel between Singapore and Batam Island in Indonesia. Since their launch in December 2014, Majestic Fast Ferry has become synonymous with safe, comfortable sea travel – boasting 14 advanced vessels designed to elevate the experience.

Passenger Experience:

Majestic Ferry puts passenger safety and comfort first. Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and committed to excellence, passengers can expect nothing less than an exceptional journey from start to finish. From the moment you step on board you are welcomed by luxurious handcrafted leather seats adorned with Norwegian oak wood armrests for a truly comfortable journey.

Majestic Fast Ferry Features:

Majestic Fast Ferry provides a selection of high-speed ferries, such as the Majestic M200, M317 and Wavemaster series vessels with capacities ranging from 168-317 seats. Their commitment to accessibility with wheelchair and stroller-friendly features on board set them apart from their competition.

Fleet Features:

The Majestic fleet comprises two series: M317 series vessels like Dream, Pride, Faith, Wisdom, Liberty and Grace as well as M200 series ferries like Majestic 7 and Majestic 9, each carefully designed to offer passengers an enjoyable travel experience with luxury and speed seamlessly combined together. In particular, Wavemaster ferries boast unparalleled levels of comfort and stability and should be the preferred choice for discerning travelers.

Popular Routes: Majestic Fast Ferry provides regular routes between Singapore and Batam, stopping at Batam Centre, Sekupang and Tanjung Pinang along the way. Departures are frequent so travelers can select an optimal schedule that best meets their needs; whether traveling for business or pleasure, Majestic Fast Ferry offers an effortless and reliable experience of Batam Island’s beauty!

Majestic Fast Ferry provides flexible options for travelers with departure times ranging from 8:10 AM to 9:20 PM and one-way tickets starting from SGD 43 for Batam to Singapore and vice versa; additional terminal and National Park fees may also apply, so always double-check before purchasing tickets.

Prepare and Navigate Before Your Majestic Ferry Trip: Essential Information Before Beginning the Voyage

Before embarking on your Majestic Ferry voyage, there are a few essentials you should keep in mind. Visa requirements depend on your nationality; ensure you check whether one is required before traveling to Batam. Also ensure you possess all required documents such as valid passport, vaccination proof and travel permits.

Majestic Fast Ferry provides clear baggage guidelines in order to facilitate an efficient boarding experience for each passenger, with each allowed one carry-on item and personal item of up to 10kg weight allowance each (maximum 20kg for checked bags and 10kg for hand bags respectively). Oversized items may incur additional charges; pack accordingly!

Travel Tips for Batam: Once in Batam, there’s plenty to see and do! To maximize your trip and maximize your visit experience, here are a few helpful travel tips:

Convert your currency to Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) for increased convenience. Purchase an Indonesian SIM card for more affordable data costs and improved connectivity. Bring mosquito repellent and stay hydrated to enjoy tropical climate conditions in comfort.

Respect local customs and traditions when visiting religious sites, particularly when taking public transportation. Secure your belongings carefully when traveling through densely-packed areas so as to prevent any mishaps during your visit.

Majestic Fast Ferry provides an enjoyable and effortless journey around Batam Island, enabling passengers to discover its natural splendor easily and enjoyably. Their modern

vessels, flexible schedules and commitment to passenger comfort make Majestic Fast Ferry an excellent choice for sea adventure. So book your tickets online now for a journey that you won’t soon forget!