Fall Decor and Your Coffee Table

Fall Decor and Your Coffee Table

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

Decorators love fall. With its rich colors and natural changes, fall provides the perfect chance to get creative. For example, you might use the season to update your coffee table decor. You can find a lot of inspiration just by looking outside. Plus, table decor is a simple, mess-free, non-permanent way to add some changes to your home. Ready to get started on your fall table decor? Here are a few things you might consider. 

Buying a Coffee Table 

If you don’t have a coffee table or end table, you might start by buying one. Buying a coffee table isn’t just good for decor, although it will give you a lot of space to play with. A new coffee table can add a focal piece to your living room. It can also provide a functional element. If you buy a sturdy, long-lasting coffee table, then it can last for many years to come. 

When buying a coffee table, take a look around your living room. What colors and materials will work best there? What size will you need? Once you’ve found the perfect coffee table, you can get started on your decor ideas. 

Coffee Table Decor 

You can do a lot with coffee table decor. Some homeowners keep decorations for each season, and they reuse those decorations each year. Others constantly mix and match decor to suit their mood. Fall decor can give your home a natural, cozy look for the season. There’s no right or wrong answer, either. Your decor should reflect your own taste. That said, if you need some inspiration, here are a few things you can keep in mind. 


Fall colors consist of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. In many spaces, these colors work perfectly for coffee table decor. In some spaces, those colors clash with the walls and furniture. So what should you do if fall colors don’t work well in your home? 

First, remember that fall decor isn’t just about color. Some decorations work for fall no matter the shade. For example, you can paint a pumpkin black or white. The color change will make it work in any room. A pumpkin still makes a great fall decoration, even when it’s not orange. 

How can you know whether or not your colors will clash? The color wheel can help. Take a look at a color wheel online. Colors usually pair well with their opposites. This means you might pair: 

  • Yellows with purples 
  • Oranges with blues 
  • Reds with greens 

Take a look around the room. Make note of the colors and ask yourself which fall colors would work well in space. 

Use Your Space 

Coffee table decor is an art form. Like all art forms, it works best when you make the most of your space. This doesn’t mean you should cover every inch of space. In fact, leaving spaces clear can make a big difference in your decorating. Look at your coffee table as a blank canvas. Which parts do you want to leave blank? The blank parts will draw attention to the parts that you decorate. Now, which part will hold the focal point? You can also use different-sized decorations to create levels. For example, you might surround a large pumpkin with a handful of small leaves or decorative apples.

Tables Throughout the Home 

Think about the other tables in your home, too. Coffee tables make a great space for decor, of course. But kitchen tables, side tables, and end tables also make great spots. You can make each table unique while also tying all of your decor together. For example, you might use an identical piece for each table. Then, you might surround each piece with different items. Your kitchen table may have a large pumpkin surrounded by smaller pumpkins, while your coffee table may have a large pumpkin surrounded by leaves.

Make It Your Own 

Table decor provides a way for you to express yourself. When decorating, choose the decor that fits your own aesthetic. Trust your instincts and pick the pieces you like best. Again, there are no right or wrong answers. It’s your coffee table, so choose the look that makes you happy. When your decor reflects your personality, you’ve made the right choice.