5 Advantages and Disadvantages of using Window Boxes for your Products

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of using Window Boxes for your Products

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After making goods for your business, you have to wisely select packaging boxes for them. The right box can enhance the overall beauty of the goods and add value to them but one wrong decision can disappoint the audience and give them a reason to shop from other brands. No business can afford such a loss and that is why they should try not to give any lame reason to the audience that can decrease its firm’s sales. Besides, you have to be creative and update your packaging styles otherwise people won’t like your boxes at one time. Window boxes are trending these days because of many reasons which we will see in this article. Indeed, you can use window boxes for food, makeup or accessories packaging. It looks super attractive to the audience. So now let us see five advantages and disadvantages of using window boxes for your products.

1.   High-Quality Material protects the Items:

The creative window packaging is usually made of the following three materials:

  • Kraft board material
  • Cardboard material
  • Corrugated material

All these are quite solid boxes and can protect the goods from damage or loss. When customers place their orders, they desperately wait for their goods to arrive soon. Then finally when they have it, they quickly unbox it to see their goods. If these customers find broken goods or spoiled items in these custom printed window boxes then it will be a great disappointment for them. They will never shop from you and give bad reviews about your brand on social media platforms. That can decrease your sales badly.

That is why try to use any of these above packaging materials to make cheap window boxes. So that none of your customers are disappointed by your brand’s services. Contrary to this usually food brands use these window boxes so that is why these boxes are made from airtight technology. As a result, food packed in it won’t spoil or expire because of moisture, bacteria, dust or heat radiation. And people can enjoy their food or dessert items anytime they want without any tension.

2.   Mesmerizing Display that can Increase Sales:

As the window packaging boxes have a plastic window in the center and this plastic window gives a tempting view of the product inside. Either it is a food item or any perfume or makeup item all these things packed in the window boxes wholesale create temptation and desire among the public to go see the product from near and buy it as soon as possible.

It is basically a marketing strategy in which you are playing with the public mind and encouraging them to buy your goods at any cost. This strategy works a lot and can boost your firm’s sales in less or no time. Then by using this profit you can expand your business and improve your living standards. That is why these window boxes are very helpful for any business brand and can help them to achieve their targeted goals.

3.   Cost-Effective Packaging Solution:

The custom window boxes are affordable for all the brands as they are made from cardboard material. Plus, brands make slim fit packaging for the goods that can also help you to produce creative window packaging in bulk quantity at a cheap rate. Everyone loves to produce cheap packaging and save their money for some other tasks. But they also cannot compromise on the quality of the boxes that is why cardboard material is the best. In addition to this brand can grab their custom printed window boxes from any manufacturing industry in large quantities at affordable rates.

They can help your brand in packaging tasks and make your life easy. They provide various discounts options that further make these boxes affordable for you. So, if any brand does not want to make cheap window boxes itself. Then they can simply contact and packaging industry and place their orders. These industries will provide you with window boxes in less time. As it is not a difficult task for them to make such packaging boxes or any other style of packaging.

4.   Unlimited Options of Designs & Styles:

You can design and style these window packaging boxes as you want. These boxes are highly flexible and nearly effortless boxes to design. Just select any design for these boxes try to select simple designs and then use any printing technique to print these designs on the boxes. The designs can make the window boxes wholesale attractive and fascinating at the first sight. Then you can add colors of your choice to these designs. But the most important thing is the shape of custom window boxes. You can use:

  • Square shape box
  • Rectangular shape
  • Oval
  • Triangular

Then you can add windows to these shapes and complete the overall look of the box that can grab customers attention and motivate them to buy goods from your firm. The creative window packaging is customizable as well. It means customers can customize these boxes as they want to especially while presenting gifts to their loved ones on special occasions.

5.   Need to Hire Professional Staff to make Cheap Window Boxes:

The only disadvantage about the custom printed window boxes is that you have to hire professional staff to make these boxes. Indeed, by appearance, these window boxes wholesale look easy to make but can become complicated for you if an unskilled worker tries to make them. If one is having business at a small scale, it is difficult for them to hire professional staff to make window packaging boxes. As these workers will ask for pay and the amount, they will demand is not possible to pay for a small business owner.


So, all these are the pros and cons of custom window boxes. But no doubt the advantages are more than one disadvantage so according to my, you can use these boxes without any hesitation. And the drawback about this box can be sorted out by pairing up with another person. More persons mean more capital. And if not then you can earn money from these boxes. And slowly but steadily you can hire professional staff who can improve your window boxes.