Which features cause modern mushroom picking lorries to be safe to use?

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Selecting high-quality equipment is paramount to the success of a mushroom growing farm. One of the most important aspects that need to be considered when selecting equipment for a new business or upgrading current lorries is safety. Modern mushroom picking lorries are often described not only as highly efficient, but also very safe. But what features make them safe to use? A detailed answer to this question can be found below.

Modern lorries use a mix of high-tech and simple but brilliant security features

Safety during picking can be assured in many ways. Some of them use advanced technology, and some are brilliant in their simplicity. An example of the former are sensors that force the lorry to stop when they detect an obstacle, such as another lorry, an employee or something else entirely.

Automatic stoppage systems are a better choice than relying on an employee’s reflexes, which can be slow, especially in the face of danger, to stop the lorry manually as soon as possible. Therefore, before choosing a lorry it’s important to check whether it’s equipped with such as system. PASCAL mushroom picking lorry is an example of high-quality equipment that meets this requirement.

As for the latter, it’s important to note that it’s not always necessary to rely on electrical systems, which can require replacing some components after prolonged usage. In some cases, they are the best choice, but in others, it’s possible to simply use mechanical elements instead. What’s more, it doesn’t mean compromising on quality or safety.

For example, doors to a mushroom picking lorry shouldn’t be open during picking, as an employee could possibly fall out and hurt themselves. It’s possible to put a sensor in the door that will detect whether it’s closed or open, but there’s a better and simpler solution. Namely, a

The quality of the materials is key

While they are not exactly a feature, it’s important to point out that the quality of the materials used and the precision of production make a big difference safety-wise. It’s important for the mushroom picking lorry to not just barely meet the necessary requirements, but to surpass them by a wide enough margin.

This way, the equipment not only lasts for a longer time (which saves money in the long term) but also is less likely to break unexpectedly (while some malfunctions are only an annoyance, some could result in a dangerous situation).

Modern, high-quality mushroom picking lorries are the cornerstone of every successful mushroom growing farm. As such, choosing a safe, reliable and efficient mushroom picking lorry from a trusted supplier, e.g., GROWTIME, is a must. As mentioned above, durable, technologically advanced lorries have many interesting and useful features that make both the employer and the employees’ lives easier, so investing in them is a great choice.

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