Ferry in turkey (Several ferry routes to Turkey)

Ferry in turkey (Several ferry routes to Turkey)

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Turkey (Introduction)

Turkey lies between southeastern Europe and western Asia. The black sea lies in the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south of turkey. Its largest city is Istanbul.


The city has hidden beauty; its cultural wonders are present in every corner of the city. Moreover, the most beautiful mosque known as the Blue Mosque adds to its beauty, and the grand bazaar will amaze you. Turkish lifestyle is so impressive that you will love to spend more and more time there. The mountains, the ancient shops, modern museums, forests, coastline views along with many things are there, or you can say Turkey tours is the best to enjoy your holidays.

Culture and cuisine

Their rituals are highly regarded, like eating together is one of the main parts of Turkish culture, and the food itself is primarily influenced by the Ottoman, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern impacts. A typical breakfast contains cheese, eggs, and some spicy sauces, that have a specific Turkish taste. At lunch and dinner, they usually have local Mediterranean vegetables with spicy kebabs and a cup of famous tea. Not just their cultural history, then you should visit the Istanbul Modern Museum to feel the beauty of an impressive collection of 20th-century paintings and all the exhibitions.

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Ferry routes

There are several ferry routes to Turkey from neighboring Greek islands. From Chios to Cesium, from Kos to Bodrum and from Rhodes to Fethiye, regular, rapid transit is available. You can travel from Cyprus in Cyprus to Tsuko in southern Turkey that takes a little more time with some crossings are available each week.


Fethiye is a large, bustling port city and a commercial center. The town, along with its natural beauty harbour, has been challenged by Ottomans, Romans, Seljuk, and Byzantines. Its history is evident all over the city center, which contains tombstones in the floodwaters at night, a fort and castle ruin on a hill, and an amphitheater in the back of the main harbour. One can easily book tickets to Fethiye from Rhodes using the ferry.

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Ferries to and from the Fethiye

The ferry company that runs the ferry to and from Fethiye is Tuana Maritime. It offers a fast and reliable shuttle service between Rhodes and the attractive port of Fethiye. They provide about 20,000 visitors each year between Rhodes and Fethiye. With this ferry, your vacation can be extended, and it allows you to take a tour to Turkey on the way to Greece. There are famous stone tombs in Fethiye.

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