Floor Outlets: What Is It?

Floor Outlets: What Is It?
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Floor outlets, also known as poke-throughs or drop-ins, are the most effective way to access electrical power in homes. It is a practical solution to power needs in homes, and they are also visually appealing. It is best to contact a professional electrician Ashfield for any floor outlet-related electrical job in your home.

What Is A Floor Outlet? 

Floor outlets are basically electrical outlets fitted into your floor, unlike the conventional power outlets set up on walls. It typically comes with a metal plate that protects the wiring. They also come with a covering that helps prevent debris and dust from entering and collecting in the outlet when it is not in use. Homeowners can be most commonly seen using floor outlets in dens or living rooms, but they can easily be implemented and used in any room of your home for easy access to a power source. 

Ways To Implement Floor Outlets

Now that you understand what floor outlets are all about, here are a couple of ways you can implement them in your home.

Living Room:

  1. The living room is one of the places in a house where its occupants spend most of their time. This calls for having enough power outlets to meet all the demands from charging electrical devices and providing electrical power to all pieces of electrical equipment such as computers, TVs, and AC units. With the incorporation of floor outlets, major seating spaces need not be situated near walls to access electrical power for appliances such as lamps or to charge electrical devices. Electric Express Solutions is a great option if you’re considering getting floor outlets for your home.


  1. Depending on your needs, you can also choose to use floor outlets in your bedroom. This gives you the freedom to make the best out of the space and organize the room to your liking. This enables you to place your furniture away from walls if you choose to and give you more space for comfortable living. By implementing a floor outlet in your bedroom, you have the liberty to place certain objects such as nightlights, lamps, and TVs wherever it is more comfortable rather than placing them next to a conventional power outlet situated on walls.

Home Office:

  1. By implementing floor outlets in your home office, you can choose to pace your desk anywhere you want to as you don’t need to worry about its proximity to a wall outlet for a power source. This makes your home office an extremely convenient location for work and uses equipment that, in turn, helps you increase your work productivity. If you use visual and audio devices for work, this is a great option for you.

Final Thoughts

Floor outlets are a great way to dave up on space while increasing efficiency. From all the above-cited advantages of having a floor outlet, you are convinced that you need to incorporate them into your home, too; it is best to contact a professional like Electric Express Solutions for its installation job. Yes, wall outlets and floor outlets are totally different, but both their installations are quite complicated and are best left to professional electricians.

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