Gated Communities: The Pros And Cons Of Life In A Townhouse In Bangkok

Gated Communities

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When looking for property in Bangkok, you certainly won’t struggle to find anything. There is such a diverse range of property available to purchase, but that doesn’t make the decision process any easier. 

If for example, you’ve been trying to decide between a condo in a condominium development Vs. a townhouse in a Gated Communities, then this is the article for you. We’re going to highlight some of the pros and cons of townhouse living in Bangkok, for your convenience. 

Pros of living in a townhouse in Bangkok

  • Space: townhouses are typically more spacious than condos, often with garden areas, off-road parking, and a number of other sizeable benefits that a condo likely won’t offer. As such, if you have a family with children, you may be better off with a townhouse. 
  • Security: both condos and townhouses in gated communities are evenly matched when it comes to security. There is restricted access and onsite security / CCTV for your peace of mind. 
  • No traffic: it’s nice knowing that your children can play outside the front of your house without fear of them getting into a traffic accident. As gated communities are isolated from the main causeways in Bangkok, you can relax in the knowledge that your children are safe. 
  • Privacy: there’s a greater element of privacy provided by townhouses in gated communities. Certainly, there are shared facilities, however, you won’t need to worry about noisy neighbours stomping around above you while you’re trying to sleep at night. 
  • Zero heights: townhouses are a no-brainer for those who have a fear of heights. Rather than having to live on the 40th floor of a condominium complex, the highest you’ll be forced to go in a townhouse is 2 to 3 floors maximum. 

Cons of living in a townhouse in Bangkok 

  • Increase risk of pests: being on the ground floor, there’s an increased risk of pesky intruders such as cockroaches, rodents, and mosquitoes entering your home. While this can largely be avoided by keeping your space clean and clutter-free, you’ll notice a higher percentage of insect encounters than in a high-rise condo. 
  • Fewer amenities: while gated communities do tend to have some quality shared facilities, most condos boast more amenities, such as a shared swimming pool, fitness centre, regular room cleaning, and more. 
  • Affordability: while there are many benefits to living in a townhouse in Bangkok, condos tend to be the cheapest out of the two options. 
  • Maintenance: general maintenance and upkeep for townhouses, both inside and out, are the sole responsibility of the owner. In condos, these requirements tend to be included in a monthly maintenance fee, relieving you of the responsibility. 


All in all, townhouses and condos are quite evenly matched. They each provide their own unique pros and cons and ultimately, the decision will come down to your individual requirements. It also depends on the quality of the development as well. When looking for a townhouse, make sure you choose a superior property from a reputable developer, such as The Connect Pattanakarn 38

Additionally, it’s always worth hiring a real estate professional to assist you on your search. That way, you can easily cut out the inequitable properties and narrow your selection down to the finest prospects.