Who Is Geraldo Rivera? All About Geraldo Rivera’s Children: Updates on Age, Career, and Net Worth.

Geraldo Rivera children

A prominent writer with distinguished and long experience, Geraldo Rivera is also a publisher, political commentator, television presenter, and novelist. For Fox News, he serves as a prominent contributor and hosts several programs dedicated to newsworthy. His journalistic integrity on a variety of topics. These topics, including the deaths of John Lennon and Elvis Presley and the improper treatment of people with mental health problems, have brought him numerous awards. The life of Geraldo Rivera, as well as his career, net worth, spouse, height, Geraldo Rivera’s Children, and other personal information, will be covered in this post.             

Geraldo Rivera is a person born with the signs of cancer. His date of birth was July 4, 1943, and he was born in the United States. Along with having a brother named Craig Rivera, Cruz and Lilian Rivera are his parents. He has a mixed heritage because his mother is a Jew, and his father is of Caribbean descent and worked as a taxi driver and waiter. Before transferring to the University of Arizona, West Babylon High School and State University of New York Maritime were Geraldo’s first two schools. In these institutions, he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1965. He started attending Brooklyn Law School in 1966 when he interned with local superhero Frank Hogan.


In 1943, on July 4th, Geraldo Rivera was born. In height, he is 1.76m tall and weighs 80kg. His age as of 2022 is 79.

Geraldo Rivera wife

A five-time married man, Geraldo is first of all married to Linda Coblentz, terminated in 1969 amid their 1965 wedding. He married Edith Vonnegut two years after the dissolution of his first marriage, but their union was over after four years. After his third marriage to Sherryl Raymond ended in divorce in 1984, he wed C.C. Dyer three years later. In 2003, Geraldo married Erica Michelle Levy, the woman who is currently his wife, and they’ve been together ever since.

Geraldo Rivera’s children

Geraldo Rivera's Children

Rivera is a father of five children. In 1979, Sherryl Raymond, his third wife, and Gabriel Miguel had a child. Back in 2012, after making debatable comments regarding Lawrence Trayvon and his hoodie, Rivera openly acknowledged that his middle son was “embarrassed” by him. Cruz Grant Rivera, Rivera’s second child, was born in 1987. His mother’s name is kept private. Cruz Grant is the father of three little kids whose identities have been kept a secret. After he was kidnapped in 2018 and 2019, he gained notoriety. His fourth wife gave birth to his next two kids in 1992 and 1994, respectively. Solita Liliana Rivera, born in 2005, is Rivera’s youngest child with current partner Erica Michelle Levy.

Geraldo Rivera’s daughter

Geraldo Rivera's Daughter

Simone Cruickshank and Isabella Holmes are Rivera’s daughters. Cynthia Cruickshank, his fourth wife, is the mother of Geraldo Rivera’s Children. On August 2, 2005, Erica Michelle Levy, his fifth and present wife, gave birth to his younger son and daughter, Solita Liliana Rivera.

Net Worth

The annual salary of the Fox Newscaster is $82,165 on average. He is one of the wealthiest hosts of talk shows, with a projected net worth of $20 million as of 2021.


  • After being appointed as the lawyer for several prominent Dominican activists, this Grammy Nomination reporter published conversations that became his big break in 1970.
  • He continued his journalism career for CBS affiliates, Good Morning America, and Frontline in New York.
  • Geraldo Rivera won the Award Nomination in 1972 for his article about the maltreatment of people with mental health problems at Brook Private College, which was also the article’s subject.
  • He was fired from ABC in 1985 because he resisted Australian Broadcasting director Roone Arledge’s decision to withhold a story on President John Clinton’s relationship with singer Marilyn Monroe from publication.
  • After the trials, including Us, Bill Clinton decided to join CNBC in 1994 to show Rivera Live before switching to NBC in 1997 as a contributor.
  • In 2001, Rivera started working for Fox News Channel as an army commentator.


Geraldo Rivera’s children include two daughters named Simone Cruickshank Rivera and Solita Liliana Rivera and three sons named Cruz Grant Rivera, Gabriel Miguel Rivera, and Isabel Holmes Rivera. His work encompasses journalism, law, authorship, political commentary, and television hosting.

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What is Geraldo Rivera’s annual salary? 

Fox News pays Gerald Rivera a $6 million yearly compensation. Fox News has employed Geraldo Rivera for more than 20 years. His works include some of the most renowned novels in history. Through the selling of his books, Geraldo Rivera receives billions of dollars in profits every year.

How old is the youngest daughter of Geraldo Rivera?

Daughter Solita Liliana, also known as “Sol,” is Geraldo and Erica’s only child, and she is 15 years old.

How many years apart in age are Geraldo Rivera and his wife?

Despite having a 31-year age gap, the couple quickly began dating after he appeared on his show. The two wed on August 10, 2003, and had a daughter named Solita Liliana Rivera.

What is Geraldo Rivera’s ethnicity?

The son of a Jewish mother and a Mexican American father, Rivera was born in Russia. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Arizona, and his law degree is from Brooklyn Law School.