How to Get a Clear Understanding of Camilo in Encanto?

Camilo in Encanto

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Fans of Disney’s “Encanto” movie will notice a number of details throughout the film. One of the most obvious is that Camilo Madrigal is never shown alone in his bedroom. A fan of the film explained this to the community r/shittymoviedetails. However, the OP’s explanation was not always accepted by the community. There were others who took issue with the explanation, and it is unclear who’s right. One question can be how old is Camilo in Encanto?

15 years old

Camilo Madrigal is a fifteen year old boy who has the ability to shape-shift. He is a very inspiring character, with an impish demeanor. His character is well-written, with numerous details. Camilo is the same height as Bruno and weighs 141 pounds. He is energetic and likes to help his family. He also has a good heart.

Despite the young age of the protagonist, he has the magical powers that allow him to change shape and sometimes mimic people. In the movie Encanto, Camilo is 15 years old and plays the role of a teenage boy. He has a slender frame, light brown skin, black eyes, and wavy dark brown hair. He also has spots on his cheeks. His cap has patterns that mimic chameleons.


The movie Encanto stars Rhenzy Feliz as the titular character. The film is set in the Colombian mountains and tells the story of a magical family. Camilo has a special power that allows him to change shape and doesn’t recognize himself. He is fifteen years old and has dark auburn hair, freckles and dark eyes. In the film, Camilo is a boy who finds himself in a magical place known as Encanto.

The movie tells the story of Camilo’s childhood and his relationship with his father. He is a loving and protective brother who cares for his younger brother Antonio. He also acts as his father in ceremony. In the film, Camilo impersonates Antonio’s father during the wedding ceremony. He also takes care of Antonio when he loses his powers. In the novel, Camilo is also described as a child who is good with infants.


If you are a fan of Disney’s animated feature film Encanto, then you may be wondering how old is Camilo. The fifteen-year-old is a supportive character in the movie, and he has a magical ability to shape-shift. Camilo is the son of Pepa and Felix and the second-born of the Madrigals. In the movie, he’s portrayed as the “theatre kid” who has a magical ability to shape-shift.

As a teenager, Camilo is suffering from an identity crisis and worries about his father. The storyline suggests that he is too old for Antonio, but that’s not the case. Camilo is happy to help people, and his shape-shifting power is limited. He tries to hide his insecurities with a cheerful demeanor, but his innermost feelings are much more complex.


The animated film Encanto introduces a new family of magical creatures, and Camilo is one of them. He is 15 years old, making him a little older than his younger sister Mirabel. This film was developed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and released in 2021. It has been a huge hit, both with critics and fans. Camilo is a boy with special powers that allow him to change into a variety of shapes. In addition to his special powers, Camilo has also been known to fool his loved ones with magic tricks.

Camilo is the middle child of Pepa and Felix Madrigal, and is the younger brother of Dolores and Antonio. He is also Mirabel’s second cousin and is a few months older than her. His magical powers allow him to shape-shift, see the future, and create mischief. He tries to keep his family safe and is often a little naughty, but he has a good heart. He loves his family and enjoys tease them when they get in trouble.

Friend of Julieta Madrigal

In the Disney movie Encanto, there are many magical characters. Unlike in the real world, these characters have varying ages and powers. We will explore some of these characters in this article. The youngest of the three brothers is Antonio, who is five years old. His older siblings are Pepa and Julieta. In addition, Camilo shares the same birthday as his sisters. In Encanto, Camilo is the second oldest, while his sister Alma is the youngest.

The character has a unique ability to shapeshift and can turn himself into many different people depending on the circumstances. The chameleon design of his costumes refers to this ability. This unique character was created with entertainment in mind and is the middle child of Felix. The ability to shapeshift put him in the spotlight, and he was often the center of attention. However, this unique talent has also given him a personality all his own.

Family member of Bruno Madrigal

A family member of Bruno Madrigal is Pepa, who was his sister and the first child of Alma. She is a powerful manipulator of the weather. She has the power to change the weather depending on her feelings and when she needs to. She was romantically involved with Felix before Bruno ruined his wedding. Pepa is now a mother to three children. She resides in Madrid, Spain. The following article will give you some interesting facts about Pepa Madrigal.

The film is about the life of a Madrigal family. It tackles the issues within the Madrigal family and intergenerational trauma. The character of Bruno is played by John Leguizamo. The Madrigal family is hesitant to talk about their loss, and this reluctance is captured in the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Visit Balthazar Korab for reading more trending articles.

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