Got Experience to Share? Here’s What You Can Do

Got Experience to Share? Here's What You Can Do
Got Experience to Share? Here's What You Can Do

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You have one life; why would you waste it by keeping things inside your heart? We live in a world that is influenced by sharing stories and experiences on social media, blogs, and websites, such as The Doe.

Did it ever cross your mind before about how you could help others relate and feel better by sharing your life experiences? If the answer is no, then you are here for a reason – to understand why you should share your experiences and life story with an online audience.

Before we jump into the list of the potential benefits of sharing your experience with others, let us tell you that you will gain a different perspective about how a personal story might affect the world and how it feels to be walking in someone else’s shoes and experiencing the world from their eyes.

Before sharing your story, you will need to overcome the little voice in your mind that tells you that no one would be interested in listening to your experience. The truth is the other way around: countless people will be interested in listening to your life story. Furthermore, you would also render great help! How, you might ask – read on to get a better picture.

Process What Happened

By sharing your experience/ story with others, you will help yourself too by processing what happened. You will find an opportunity to reflect on what happened and acknowledge your own feelings and responses at that time that might have influenced a lot of things in your life later.

Sometimes we have unresolved trauma, and by recounting experiences, we get an opportunity to re-experience the event and eventually get over the dark phase of our life. Thus, by taking out the time and reflecting on things, we can finally relax a bit and digest the pent-up emotions that were becoming toxic for our physical and mental health.

Support Others Who Are Facing Similar Challenges

By re-telling your life experience, you won’t only find closure. Still, you will also inspire others who might be going through similar challenges. By sharing your life experience, you can inspire other people to overcome similar circumstances that might affect their quality of life.

Your experience can serve as a guide for others, and it can be comforting that nothing, good or bad, lasts forever. Your readers can get inspired by you and how you successfully handled any given situation. That said, your act of sharing a crucial life experience can be a massive deal-breaker for many of your readers.


By sharing your life experience, you can empower others to let go of their pent-up emotions and feelings by speaking up, too, as you did. You will find a powerful example of such empowerment in the “#me too” movement that is still taking the internet, especially, social media by storm.

Believe us when we tell you that you will find people grateful that you opened up and spoke your truth and allowed them to listen to your life story.

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