How Are Speaker Cones Made?

Speaker Cones

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Almost everyone has used speakers one way or another, mostly for entertainment. You can enjoy your favorite singers’ voices in the loudest volume by using speakers that use cones to generate soundwave vibrations and produce sound. However, the quality of sound produced by the speaker largely depends on the type of cones placed in it. Many speaker manufacturers use a number of different cone types and horn drivers responsible for changing the effect of sound to a greater extent.

The existing design of the speaker frame is a mystery. There are many ways in which you can produce a speaker cone. The soft part’s adjustment on that cone plays an essential role in developing a soothing effect in the sound. However, the selection of soft parts is critical as it gets damaged easily. The engineers working in speaker producing companies have an idea about using the appropriate materials to produce the diaphragm.

Factors affecting the quality of cones in speakers

Many factors are responsible for causing a drastic change in the quality of sound. Low density and internal damping are the two most important factors. However, the speakers’ quality to bend the sound depends on the stiffness of the material used in the production of horn drives. They are generally designed while mentioning the factor of frequencies at the first break up of resonance.

The loudspeaker cone or diaphragm is the main focus area on which the efficiency of the speaker depends. It is designed to push the sound forward and backward to prod bass and beats in the sound. However, the speaker’s design is critical to decide as it has a profound impact on sound production.

Requirements for a speaker cone

There are many requirements in the production of loudspeaker cones. Depending on the loudspeaker application, it typically has to pick between cone, dome, or horn-type drivers to produce sound. 

Some other complications are low mass and rigidity. However, the production of cones with rigidity and low mass is complicated. The main reason for this difficulty is that the cone with rigidity generally requires higher mass. So the engineers implement several techniques to do so.

When these two requirements are met correctly, the next thing to note is the cone’s design. The structure of the cone and its design will lead to the high performance of loudspeakers. Another thing that plays an important role is the self-damping property of the material. If the material is devoid of this quality, it will not be able to produce self resonances.

Process of making a loudspeaker cone

No doubt, companies are specialized in producing speaker cones. But you can produce them on your own. If you are interested in experimenting while designing a loudspeaker cone, follow the following steps.

  • The first thing to do while making a speaker cone is to measure its dimensions correctly. If you are using an existing cone, there is a need to measure its properties from top to bottom again. You have to measure its length; it’s the slope and its depth. Just make close measurements to your desired cone; don’t worry about the exact ones.
  • After measuring, bring a piece of tagboard and draw a circle by using a drafting compass. Ensure that the diameter of the circle you are drawing is twice the diameter of the cone’s slope. Mostly, standard cones have a diameter of 2 inches.
  • When you have drawn the cricket, try to make radial lines anywhere on it. You can do it with a ruler.
  • Now, subtract the diameter of the circle fork the base of your cone in a way to multiply it by 360. After getting the result, divide it by the diameter of the drawn circle. This procedure will help you to know an angle of the dimensions. If you have to measure exact dimensions, there is no need to measure the angle.
  • Use other radio lines and estimate the desired frequency and damping of the speaker cone.

So what are you waiting for? There is no need to buy new speaker cones. You can make it at your home by following the steps mentioned above.

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