How Kraft Paper Rolls are Beneficial for Your Packaging Needs

Kraft Paper Rolls

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Businesses that ship products to their customers require high-quality packaging materials. During your search, you will come across multiple options, such as cardboard boxes, poly mailers, or paper rolls, depending on your product type. Among these, kraft paper rolls are the most versatile. These paper rolls can be used as sheets or laminated to create corrugated cardboard boxes. They are used across multiple industries and provide businesses with an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging option.

This article will discuss the benefits of kraft paper rolls for your packaging. Let’s get started!

Multiple Types

As stated above, kraft paper rolls are extremely versatile. They are available in multiple types, each made with a different fiber and used for specific purposes, such as:

● Natural – The basic form of kraft paper, with no altering, to give its characteristic natural look. It is used for wrapping and cushioning high-value items.

● Waved – Made with food-safe paraffin wax and approved by the FDA. They are used in the food industry for packaging and preserving fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.

● Poly-coated – Natural paper rolls with a polyethylene coating that protects products against oil, grease, and moisture.

● Recycled – Similar to natural kraft paper rolls but weaker in strength due to higher recycled content. Majorly used in kraft projects.

● Indented – Made from post-consumer and post-industrial materials and used for high-value fragile and industrial items.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In today’s market, businesses have to be environmentally conscious. Using paper rolls, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, as most types are made from recycled content and are FSC-certified.

This means the raw materials used in the manufacturing process are grown, harvested, and recycled in an ethically-acceptable and manageable way, ensuring zero waste. Moreover, kraft paper rolls are biodegradable and naturally self-compost if left in a suitable environment.

Reduced Cost

Brown paper rolls cost less than other packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes. Moreover, the raw material is the same. Thus, paper rolls can be used to wrap and cushion high-value, fragile items in the food, commercial, and metal industry.

Kraft paper also takes up less space, thus, reducing the overall package size and simultaneously reducing the freight charges. As a result, businesses quote lower delivery charges to their customers, who are satisfied, creating a win-win situation for both.

Strength and Durability

Kraft paper rolls have amazing capabilities. Unlike other packaging materials, like bubble wrap, kraft paper rolls are durable and tear-resistant. They also prevent moisture, oil, and grease from leaking through and protect the content inside from external factors. The high strength also makes it favorable for heavy-weight items.

Printing Options

One of the major benefits of using kraft paper rolls is their marketing appeal. A kraft paper provides a blank canvas that businesses can customize according to their requirements.

Businesses can use an inkjet or laser printer to print their brand colors, logo, and other information on the package and make it attractive. This helps businesses stand apart from their competitors and increases brand recognition and loyalty.


Kraft paper rolls offer multiple benefits to businesses and are perfect for packaging small, large, lightweight, or heavy-duty items without worrying about damage. Remember to source your paper rolls from a reliable vendor and enhance your packaging and marketing efforts.

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