How many scams are on social media? 

How many scams are on social media? 

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More than half of the victims who have been defrauded online say it happened because of social media apps. Our team looked into this and discovered that it is definitely accurate; people will utilize social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others to advertise bogus and fake investment offers. They make connections with people with the intention of gaining trust before pitching them their opportunities. Innocent individuals spend their money because they are attracted to it, and they never get it back –but never say never, since the chargebackway can help you get your money back by following their steps, accumulating evidence against them, and launching a case to recover your stolen funds!

Con artists have long exploited social media networks to defraud their victims, increasing the danger of identity theft. They’ll sometimes employ deception to get your personal and financial information, which they can then use to take a loan in your name, apply for credit cards in your name, or access your online bank or credit card accounts. 

Other social media scammers may utilize Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to entice you to send them gift cards or money, claiming that you’ve won a contest or raffle and must pay a fee to collect your prize. Some criminals use a more traditional approach: They’ll look at your Facebook posts, Instagram images, and tweets to figure out when and where you’re not at home. You may then return home from your weekend excursion to find that your home has been plundered by criminals.

One such scam in which I was involved as a victim was a data breach scam, where scammers stole my identity and stole $9000. However, with the help of the chargebackway, I was able to recover my stolen funds. 

A scam cost me $9000

My mobile number was moved to a different network operator, according to an SMS I got. I phoned my mobile operator to find out why my number was being moved because I had not authorized it. I realized what was going on right away and called my bank. I attempted to enter into my internet banking while on the phone but was unable to do so. While I was on the phone with the bank, I began receiving emails informing me that my personal information changed, as well as the PIN on my credit card. This credit card was ordered two weeks ago. The card was meant to be delivered to my address, but I have yet to get it. My credit card had recently been activated, and the PIN had been updated, I told the consultant. My accounts and cards were being blocked by the consultant. When I went to the bank the next day, they discovered that the fraudster had managed to lift the block and had maxed out my credit card. Fraudsters stole my identity and used it to open a new cell account with a different network provider, as well as hack my internet banking account and steal money.

I recovered my funds; here’s how 

After realizing that I had nothing left in my bank account, I came across a chargebackway. An asset recovery firm, and I knew that was all help I needed. ChargebackWay makes use of current principles, buyer privileges, and innovative solutions to ensure that you receive the best possible recovery assistance. You will receive instructions and recommendations to begin your recovery process after proving that your solicitation is valid and that a scam has been submitted. Insight experts, financial advisors and experts, and former law enforcement officials make up their colleagues and team of professionals. They will decide on the best plan for recovering your lost assets together. ChargebackWay will present you and your case in front of all legal and non-legal parties involved throughout the entire process.

This type of con should be avoided. 

Close the door to your mailbox. When a fraudster gains access to confidential information and/or identity documents, identity theft can occur. 

Make contact with your service providers right away. Request that your bank stops your accounts and inform your cell carrier that you did not consent to your phone number being moved.

Contact chargebackway to help recover your stolen funds. ChargebackWay is a funds recovery and consulting firm that specializes in maximizing the outcomes of your disputes and claims in order to reclaim your money. ChargebackWay has 45+ specialized resources to handle everything from fund recovery issues to scams and more. More importantly, they teach their consumers about their rights so that something like this never happens to them again!

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