How To Beautify The Ceiling By Adding Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper

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Interior designers try to find out different ways to make a house or any space more beautiful by using different techniques. They dare to try new colours, concepts and make it a trend if it gets hit. The ceiling is the best way to hide a damaged or simple roof of your room or house, it also adds a beautiful touch to your place. Another way of making your room extraordinary is to put wallpaper on the ceiling and it is recommended by the top designers as they have experience doing such thing on daily basis and they know much better about trends and you can also take help from the professionals available at interior fit out companies in Dubai.

What are the Wallpapers?

Wallpapers are the most neglected items while talking about designing but they are incredibly beautiful ones that can help you to add colour, patterns, beauty to your living space within no time. A wrongly chosen wallpaper can give you just a headache as it will not be looking catchy and just a paper sticking on the wall or roof. There are various things to consider while choosing wallpaper and are listed below:

Focus on material:

The first choice must be to take into account the material of the wallpapers and it must be denser and more durable. As it will be lasting longer and will attract the decor of the place as it is the brand new one.

Use to Hide the Defects:

Before choosing the wallpaper examine the condition of the ceiling if it is more damaged and has defects in it then you should use embossed canvas wallpaper as it can hide many flaws of the ceiling easily.

Choose Color Wisely:

Of course, the colour of the wallpaper will have a great impact so must focus on this aspect. Try

to consider the colour of the decor & other walls and also the colour of the floor then try to match a perfect colour or you can also use a blend of mixed colours giving a gloomy look. If the colour of the room is mostly a dark one then use light and bright colours also consider the colour combination of your furniture.

Low Ceiling Dilemma:

If the roof has a low ceiling for which you are going to choose a wallpaper then do not use a dark colour scheme as it will suppress the look of the room by making it smaller. Try to use bright

colours as it will enhance the look of the whole room as well as the ceiling appearance.

Everyone has their own choices when it comes to colour if you like to have bright and dark colours then do not put such colour wallpapers into the living room as it will disrupt while

Preferable color Schemes:

falling asleep. Use dim and light colours here and bright & dark colours in the drawing and other rooms.

It is not recommended by the top designers to buy too heavy wallpaper that has dense material as after some time it will be weighed down by its weight and will cause damage to the ceiling as well.

Don’t Purchase Heavy Wallpapers:

No Wallpaper in Humidity:

Try to pay attention if the room has humidity then do not put any wallpaper as it will not let any wallpaper or canvas last longer. One thing you can do is that first let it be dry or use some other method to dry it then use the canvas in this the chances of staying longer will increase.

While buying the wallpapers only consider the companies that are professional and trustworthy otherwise there are greater chances that the material used will be of lower quality.

Buy from reputable ones:

Advantages of using wallpaper on the ceiling:

There are various advantages of using wallpaper on the ceiling and a few of them are listed here:

Using wallpaper is very cost- effective as it will add beauty to the room and house within less budget and in a friendly way.

Less time Consuming:

This technique will be not time- consuming as it is just a peel and stick process and the whole house can be covered in just a few days as compared to any other method of renovation.

Adding Beauty:

It will add more colours and beauty to the house as it has many colour combinations and patterns so it will be adding a gloomy look within less time.

How to Add Wallpaper on the Ceiling:

Installing wallpaper can be easy if you love to DIY it as it looks like it is just a peeling and sticking process but it can be tricky also as you have to consider many factors like from where to start and where to end, what should be the pattern of using it as it should be covering the entire roof or just a corner, it is perpendicular or in what direction.


Installing wallpaper is easy to do and it can add beauty, colour and unique touch to your home without much effort and also it is a very budget- friendly item to consider while renovating a home. It is recommended to hire an expert from any of the interior design company Dubai as it is not a simple process. So just hire a team and get your work done perfectly to avoid any discomfort later on.

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