How to Choose a Mini Fridge That Fits in Any Space?

How to Choose a Mini Fridge That Fits in Any Space?

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

A mini fridge usually has a capacity between 40 and 50 liters and is designed to be located in homes with little space. The main advantage of a mini fridge is that it fits anywhere and is affordable. There are portable ones in which only 4 soda cans fit and there are very complete ones, like a scale replica of a conventional refrigerator.

How does a mini fridge work?

To function, mini-refrigerators rely on a pump to introduce the coolant. This liquid is introduced into a high pressure condensing chamber that is separate from the refrigerator compartment. When the fluid is pressurized, it heats up and is released into the surrounding air. When transferred to the interior of an evaporator with low pressure, the temperature quickly plummets, achieving a cold temperature.

There are portable refrigerators that allow them to be transported from one place to another while keeping the food perfectly. In addition, they are usually very quiet.

How to Choose a Mini Fridge?

Choosing a mini fridge is not an easy task, as there are many different models on the market of various prices and qualities. Even so, if you are going to buy a mini fridge, pay attention to the following aspects:

Storage capacity: before investing think about the use you are going to give it and how many people it will serve. Take into account the capacity in liters, shelves, if it allows putting large or only small bottles, if it has space for vegetables, etc. 

Materials: they are essential for the durability of your purchase, in addition to its perceived quality. The materials used should be the same as those of conventional large refrigerators. Remember that we are talking about buying a refrigerator, but on a scale.

Electricity consumption: as if it were a normal appliance, see how much energy it consumes. There are A +, we advise you that your purchase has this energy label.

Noise level: the best quiet mini fridge on the market usually has 30-40 dB of noise. Be careful with this because if you are going to place it in a small house, these devices can bother you if they make noise.

Extra functions: also see what other features they have such as the exact temperature graduation, that they have an antifrost freezer, that the door can be opened to the right or left, that it has an interior led light, etc.

Price: you have many brands and models and depending on what you want to spend, you have an option for your pocket.

Tips for saving energy

A mini fridge does not consume as much as a conventional fridge, but we must know that the fridge is one of the appliances that consume the most. You should take into account some tips if you want to minimize the energy consumption of your mini fridge:

Control the temperature of the fridge to save: the ideal is to have it at about 6 degrees and the freezer at about -15. This temperature is more than enough for proper food maintenance and will help you reduce the average consumption of the fridge.

Turn off the refrigerator when you are not going to use it for a season: when you go on vacation or are away for at least a couple of weeks, turn it off.

Always set a gap with the rear wall of at least 5 centimeters so that the hot air generated in the appliance can circulate. Also, do not put it near an oven or microwave. It must always be clean.