Last Updated on March 20, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Cockroaches are creepy and nasty insects that seeing them around the office will make you cringe every single time. If your business is already infected then you need to contact Pointe Pest Control asap cause these insects might cost you, important customers. Before you get to the infestation, here are a few ways to prevent a roach infestation in your office;

Don’t leave food in your work area.

Pest survives well where there is a constant supply of food and even though cockroaches survive on rotten food, they still can settle on anything they come across. Though it makes sense to have a candy bar on your desk to munch away as you crush the deadlines after your neck, it also means that you are inviting pests. It is advisable to keep all foodstuff in the kitchen where the cleaning is done more regularly.

Deal with their access.

How are the roaches finding their way into your office? You can ensure that the windows and doors are tightly sealed and any leaky drains are fixed to reduce a moisture environment that is a great attraction for these pests.

Clear out the garbage regularly.

This is more specifically for workplaces that do not have a cleaning company taking care of their hygiene and cleaning schedules. In an office, everyone assumes that the next person will take it upon themselves to clear out the trash which is not always the case. A roaster would help to ensure that the trash which is full of bacteria and rotting food is a great place for the roaches to get a constant supply of food.

Clean kitchen utensils and appliances after use.

The mug that you left yesterday evening after a delicious cup of coffee or the greasy patch left in the microwave after warming your cheese sandwich, is one of the reasons why roaches can’t leave your office. They thrive on fatty and greasy areas hence a reason for individual responsibility of cleaning up after use of common kitchen items.

Monitor roach activity.

Once in the office building, the pests find ideal places to hide and evolve from. These are the places that become hotbeds of a cockroach infestation. To avoid this then one should always be on the lookout for signs of a roach gang by checking for cockroach droppings in fewer traffic areas where they would hideout or once and for all go and get a good pest control company like Pointe Pest Control to help you prevent this menace once and for all.

Have a pesticide always.

By the time you make that call to deal with pests in your office to the pest control company, the cockroach that was on your desk will be long gone. Pesticides are handy coz you will deal with the instances you encounter immediately.

It is said that prevention is better than the cure and truth be told, not always do these preventive measures work. In special instances where a business is located near a garbage site, then no preventive measure can help but they can reduce the infestation.