How to decorate your candy store?

Candy store

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The decoration design of the candy store does not need to be too luxurious or complicated, it is good to be simple, but there are many types of candy stores, so the placement of the shelves in the candy store is more particular. The top shelf can be considered as high-end products, which are specially aimed at white-collar workers who pay attention to brands; in the middle are products at mid-range prices that are readily available to the public; at the bottom are some scattered gadgets, mainly for children.

Why store decoration is important?

Compared with ordinary candy displays, the audience of imported candy specialty stores is more defined. In addition to candy, many people also come for a variety of candy boxes. Those candy boxes with cute shapes and cartoon patterns are very popular. Therefore, we should try our best to highlight the new, strange, and special in terms of product packaging and taste. Since the main consumers are young people, the decoration style should be fashionable and distinctive.

Imported candy stores mainly rely on novelty to attract attention, so they are particularly “picked” on the location. If the sales are not large, it is easy to suppress the goods. It can be said that the location and purchase channels of imported candy stores will directly affect income. The price of imported candies is generally higher, and the selection of store locations should fully consider the actual local consumption level. Prosperous business districts, major universities, and movie theaters with high traffic are all good choices.

Colorful candy store interior design

We chose a storefront type that is easy to design and fun – a candy store. When designing, there are two main aspects to consider. One is your products and how you display them. Second, who are your customers? So, when talking about candy stores, merchandise is sweet things including chocolates, candies, chewing gum, etc., which are sold in bags, packages, as well as loose candies. The customers are mainly children, but not only that, because adults also love candy, and they want to relive the feeling of children and walk into the candy store again. So how will you choose to design your store?

Functional candy store wall design

Once you’ve set up your product display, you’ll be able to see colorful products. Now, you don’t want to add too much color to the walls of your storefront. You can choose one of two actions:

One is to choose a bold color as the basis for a colorful display. It can be pink, purple, light blue, orange, or any other pleasant bright color. The second is to use the main color of the products displayed in the candy store. For example, paint the walls a chocolate brown, or even choose wallpaper with a pattern of chocolate squares, etc.

Core Feature of Candy Retail Display

Make your customers want to buy

By equipping yourself with clear furniture, display stands, and candy boxes,it can display your sweets and delicacies. Better presentation of your candy space allows you to increase sales and increase your turnover. Who can resist loose candies in every color for more authenticity? Selling candy is a great way to increase sales. You can come up with candy to successfully gain customers. Bulk candies, chewing gum, chocolate, and other marshmallow candies will satisfy the taste of young and old.

Hygienic confectionery accessories and displays

You must adhere to impeccable hygiene standards and practices in order to continue your activities and ensure the health of your clients. Therefore, even your furniture, display case or food dispenser must meet the standards for food contact. Therefore, even your furniture, display case, or food dispenser must come into contact with food.

Exhibition Design

Once the product type is identified, it becomes easier to plan product presentations.

One category of candies is candies sold in packages and packages that can be displayed on wooden shelves. The idea was to install long shelves that would allow for a variety of displays without being too crowded.

Bulk Candy Displays

Bulk candy should be presented in a clear display container so your customers can see through it. Also, make clear cabinets and containers that will open at the top so the candy is well organized and all customers can see.

• Wide selection of candy displays

– Wall Modules and Counter Modules

– Candy Box Display Rack

– Candy kiosk in mall

– Accessories display cabinet

– Wall display cabinet

– Intermediate shelf display

– Pacifier holder

Whether you want to supply candy to your customers, or you want to take care of your service, every accessory in the candy collection can be perfectly adapted to a business. You can use it to increase sales, and attract and retain new customers. Packed in pouches, cones, ballpoint pens or mugs, beautiful furniture and the right candy store make your treats so appealing!

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