How to file a damage claim with Airbnb

How to file a damage claim with Airbnb

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Filing a damage claim with Airbnb is very simple and should be done as soon as possible after an issue arises. If you have had something stolen from your apartment, been locked out of the apartment, or if there was physical damage to your home caused by a guest then it’s important that you file a claim immediately after the incident occurs.

This way Airbnb will have time to investigate and hopefully resolve the situation in a timely manner. If you have vacation rental property management software, it can help ease the process. There are certain steps involved in filing an actual damage claim with Airbnb depending on what has occurred during the guest’s visit.

Steps in filing an Airbnb damage claim

Step1: The first step is to sign in to your account on Airbnb so that you can start filling out forms for filing claims.

Step2: Contact any witnesses who were present when something happened or get photos of any damaged parts of your home such as broken doors, cracked walls, or ripped carpeting. Take a good picture of the damage caused to your home. These pictures will serve as evidence in case Airbnb requests them. Remember to submit as much documentation as possible.

Step4: Fill out a property damages report form by going onto your account on the Airbnb website and clicking the Report A Damage or Security Issue link.

Step5: You can file claims through the Resolution Center but claims related to personal items get more attention when submitted through email instead of using their automated system, so it’s best to contact them via email.

The message needs to have all of this information: date and approximate time of check-in, name of the guest, any people who had access into your apartment, a detailed description about what happened including photos you’ve taken if there is damage, and an explanation about how the guest staying at your apartment were different than the person who booked it (if there is theft or any other change of condition).

Hiring an attorney for aid with Airbnb damage claims

If you choose to hire an attorney to aid with your Airbnb claim then it’s important that they are familiar with online hospitality services like Airbnb and how to work within their guidelines. An attorney will be able to provide professional advice on how to proceed with your claim and may even draft the necessary documents you need.

Another advantage of getting an attorney involved is that they can help determine whether or not you’re covered under your renter’s insurance policy and they can also help you fill out any forms required by Airbnb if it’s determined that you’re covered.

However, if you hire a lawyer then be prepared to pay a reasonable fee. You may or may not be reimbursed by Airbnb or your renter’s insurance policy depending on the actual circumstances and coverage available.

Bottom line

If someone damaged your property during their stay at your listing, or if they stole something from you, then it is important that you take action right away. Many hosts are not aware of just how serious this issue could be for them down the road.

The best thing that you can do is be prepared now by having all documentation you will need to be able to contact Airbnb as soon as possible so they can look into the matter immediately. When it comes to managing your properties a vacation rental property management software is essential.  This software connects you to booking sites, including Airbnb to increase your bookings and overall revenue all at no cost to you.